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20091126 Fr Group11


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Published in: Education, Technology
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20091126 Fr Group11

  1. 1. Ecomomic consequences about the sea level!
  2. 2. How the states will find solutions?
  3. 3. In Venice, on the first December, the water level achieves 1m56. A new record since 22 years!!! This phenomeon is called  « acqua alta »
  4. 10. 50 % of the worldwide population have seen on a coastal zone today and they think that 6 billion persons will domicile years on littoraux in about twenty. What impacts and which changes this rise of waters can have on directly concerned societies? In first place, it agrees de add that this elevation of level oceans is insensible (3,3 mm / novels) If prediction envisaged in the nineties an increase in see level in a fork from 9 to 88 cm for coming century, this fourchette in is reduced (20 - 60 cm for the fellow century, knowing that increase for XX ° century was 20 cm).
  5. 12. This powerpoint was presented by Agathe Coquelle Raphaëlle Dupont Damien Royer Aurore Dumont Laura Goutaudier