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SystemOne: Supporting EID & VL Scale Up


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Presentation by SystemOne's Brad Cunningham, VP of Implementation, during an AIDSFree webinar. July 2017.

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SystemOne: Supporting EID & VL Scale Up

  1. 1. Disease Intelligence and Response Information Technology Tools to Support the Scale Up of Viral Load Testing and Early Infant Diagnosis Brad Cunningham VP, Implementation SystemOne LLC
  2. 2. WHAT DO WE DO? Connected Diagnostics and Disease Intelligence for Global Health • Provide a real-time data reporting system • Active data network to ensure collection of quality data directly from diagnostic instrument – Diagnostic data – Operational data • Data can be transmitted to multiple levels of stakeholders for real-time decision-making and policy response. • Enables: rapid detection + response to healthcare challenges worldwide
  3. 3. As of July 2017 MORE THAN HALF OF ALL GENEXPERTS IN AFRICA ARE CONNECTED TO Countries Devices Results IMPACT • Governance models changed • More instruments purchased • Faster result reporting • Time to treatment slashed 60 days  2 days • Stock-outs and expirations down • Trust factor: rapid, quality data decision-makers trust and take action on
  4. 4. Diagnostic instrument placed at testing facility. Integrated via 3G with Aspect™ Connector MoH Dashboard Inventory Management QA/QC Utilization Supply Chain Real Time Notifications MoH Operational Management MoH Data Stream Cloud or In-country Server External API’s and data integration … + many others Migration to Aspect in 2017 Multi-disease/multi-device platform TB, CD4, Zika, Ebola, HCV, HIV Viral Load, HIV EID…. WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE?
  5. 5. Operational management of devices nationally and regionally. Measure quality, utilization, unsuccessful testing rates and customized programmatic reporting. DISEASE INTELLIGENCE Identify and Respond
  6. 6. Plan future procurement Does instrument capacity meet burden? Targeted retraining Customized Data Collection: Collect additional information for reporting, monitoring and surveillance purposes: - Patient Age - Gender - Contact Information - Sample Type - Referring Clinician / Facility Provides a much richer data set for analysis. DISEASE INTELLIGENCE Identify and Respond
  7. 7. Significant investment in VL testing Endemic problem of slow, poor quality reporting Need for accurate and timely disease intelligence for decision-making - 6 countries (2% of the global HIV burden), have high quality data reporting on the HIV care continuum and progress towards the UNAIDS 90-90-90 target - 9 countries in sub- Saharan Africa have surveillance data for viral suppression. Ref: Granich R et al. PLOS Medicine 14(4): e1002253. (2017).
  8. 8. CONNECTED DIAGNOSTICS TO MEET THE FIRST AND LAST 90 • 1st 90: HIV Screening, reporting, QC and the role of connected diagnostics • 2nd 90: VL - Monitoring viral suppression; EID - Monitoring of positives, negatives, indeterminates, rejected • Collection of custom data fields –Disaggregation of data by age and sex to monitor breadth and depth of response • Monitor data on a national, district, site level to better understand geographical distribution and response
  9. 9. Aspect ReporterTM Delivers test results immediately from lab to clinic, extending the reach of centralised diagnostic testing to the POC Aspect Reporter has two components located at the clinic: • A small server receives test results from the lab over cellular networks. • A solar powered tablet displays the results. Clinic staff use its simple interface to review and acknowledge test results as they arrive from the lab. FACILITATING RAPID HIV VL RESULT DELIVERY Cloud or In-country Server Returning results from the diagnostic instrument back to the facility treating the patient
  10. 10. Aspect Core Aspect Reporter™ Clinical Receipt of Results • Digital lab results to clinic • Clinician transcribes into existing paper ledgers and enrolls patients • Reduces TAT of result reporting • Hardware appliance w/2g/3g & solar installed at each clinic Aspect Supply Chain™ Clinical Lab Requests • Software add-on to Aspect Reporter • Initiates specimen transport pickup • Logs lab orders • Forecasts testing demand • Calculates full-spectrum TAT In development Labs Clinics HOW ARE WE ADDRESSING 90-90-90? Connecting Lab and Clinical Activities
  11. 11. Boston - Product Development - Market Development - Operations - Financial - Executive Johannesburg - Implementation - Support - Service - Training Contact us: + additional Support & Operational staff in Malawi & Nigeria @SystemOneCo