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Disavow Process


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The Disavow Tool allows you to ask Google to remove certain URLs or domains as a ranking factor in the indexing of your site. You do this by creating a .txt file with a list of these domains or URLs and submitting it to Google.

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Disavow Process

  1. 1. DISAVOW PROCESS 079 6181 0430
  2. 2. Google’s Disavow Tool • Google has finally released their link disavow tools enabling webmaster to report inorganic inbound links for their domain. • The tool allows you to disavow unnatural inbound links for a domain verified in your Google Webmaster Tools. 079 6181 0430
  3. 3. • Google uses links as one of the of their ranking signals and they want them to occur naturally. • Paid links, link exchanges or other type of link manipulation are known as “inorganic” or “unnatural”. What are Inorganic Links 079 6181 0430
  4. 4. There are two reason you should use this tool – 1. Preventative Inorganic links could potentially harm your website’s ranking and by using the link disavow tool, you can specify which links should be ignored by Google to prevent any manual action against your website. Why Use Disavow Tool For Business 079 6181 0430
  5. 5. 2. Remedial • If your website has been affected by a search quality algorithm you can assist in the repair process by specifying which links Google should ignore. • Several level of action Google may take upon noticing search quality issues including- • Algorithmic Filter (e.g. Panda, Penguin) • Manual Action • Domain Ban 079 6181 0430
  6. 6. • 57% say they do not fear someone citing their web sites in a disavow link request. • 29% say they do not fear it but are somewhat concerned if they learned someone cited their web sites in a disavow link request • Only 14% fear the idea that someone can cite their web sites in a disavow link request Do You Fear the Disavow Tool 079 6181 0430
  7. 7. Importance Of Link Removal • Google’s link disavow tool is an advanced feature. By removing bad links you can upgrade your website’s rank in Google. • Keep a close eye on your backlinks , particularly your new ones, and make a point of disavowing those poor quality or suspicious backlinks before it can have any impact on your site. • An algorithm might rank your site lower, you would feel free to just go ahead and disavow those links as well. 079 6181 0430
  8. 8. Google Penalty Recovery If you think that you just have a penalty, there are number of steps that you need to take in order to raise the penalty. There are five main steps that need to be done in order to fix a link profile : ● Identify the type of penalty ● Identifying bad backlinks ● Removing bad backlinks ● Performing link disavows 079 6181 0430
  9. 9. What is a Penalty? ● When a website is not following its Webmaster Tools guideline intentionally or unintentionally, site is bound to get a penalty. ● Penalty Google has a series of Penalties ranging from page level Penalty to site wide Penalty. 079 6181 0430
  10. 10. Why does Google Penalize Site? ●Google is continually tweaking and revising the way it indexes content ● Some reason why your site get Penalised by Google are- 1) Excessive reciprocal links, 2) Duplicate content 3) Overusing H1 tags 4) Internal 404s 5) Missing sitemap data 6) Footer links 079 6181 0430
  11. 11. Types of Penalty 1. On-site Penalty : Google penalize sites for shady Onsite techniques such as keyword stuffing, doorway pages, duplicate content, excessive ads, too many outbound links. 2. Offsite Penalty Google keeps a watch on who is linking to your site and how it is linked. The most offsite Penalty prone links are - Links from Malicious Sites Links from Irrelevant Sites Links from Foreign Language Sites Links from Contents 079 6181 0430
  12. 12. Step-by-Step Recovery from Google Search Penalties 079 6181 0430
  13. 13. 1. Figure out why you've been penalized • Check your Webmaster Tools to see if you have been hit with a manual penalty. If so, there will be a message in your Webmaster Tools letting you know that you've been penalized. • If you do not have a message in your account, using a service like the Penguin Tool may help you see how Google's algorithm updates have impacted your traffic. 079 6181 0430
  14. 14. 2. Gather up a list of all your backlinks • Gather the links on the web that are pointing back to your site. • Three of the most recommended webmaster tools from industry insiders which help us to gather backlinks are Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs 079 6181 0430
  15. 15. 3. Determine which links are bad links • Make sure the domain is indexed in Google by doing a Google search. • Check to see if the domain has a good PageRank. • You should probably check and reconsider anything that looks like a keyword rich blog comment or something in a forum. • There are tools out there to help you identify bad links like Link Research Tool 079 6181 0430
  16. 16. 4. Talk with Webmasters about removing unwanted links • You have to show Google proof that you tried to contact the owners of the websites. • Visit a contact page or send an email asking him/her to remove the links you wanted removed 079 6181 0430
  17. 17. 5. Disavow the unwanted links you couldn't remove •Disavowing your unwanted links means using Google's Disavow Links Tool. 079 6181 0430
  18. 18. The process is divided into two main parts.:- ●First part, you will need to get a full list of the links to your site. ●Second part you will need to create a file that tells Google which ones you want to disavow. Download Links From Webmaster Tools: ○ Go to ○ On the homepage, select the site you want. ○ On the left hand side, click “Search Traffic” and then click “Links to Your Site.” ○ Under “Who links the most,” click “More.” ○ Click “Download more sample links.” If you click “Download latest links,” you'll see dates as well. Disavow links process: 079 6181 0430
  19. 19. 079 6181 0430 Disavow links process:
  20. 20. Final step, upload your disavow file ● Go to the disavow links tool page. ● Select your website. ● Click Disavow links. ● Click Choose file. 079 6181 0430
  21. 21. Disavow Process Step 1. Collecting Backlink Data • We need to pull a list of all the links pointing to your website from a few different sources • Start by collecting as much data as possible from various different link sources: a) Google Webmaster Tools - Login to Google Webmaster Tools and click into the website with the issues, go to 'Search Traffic' > 'Links To Your Site', then click the 'more' link under the 'Who links the most' tab. b) Open Site Explorer c) Ahrefs d) Majestic SEO 079 6181 0430
  22. 22. Step 2: Documenting your work • Start by creating yourself a Google Docs Spreadsheet where you can track all of your work to see exactly where you are at with the link removal process • Once you've got all your data into the spreadsheet, make sure you add the following columns to the end of each of the sheets such as • Contact Name • Contact Email Address • Website Contact Form • Twitter URL • Facebook URL • Google+ URL • LinkedIn URL 079 6181 0430 Disavow Process
  23. 23. Step 3: Spotting low-quality links • This is an important section of link removal. It sounds simple, but you have to be extremely careful with what links you attempt to remove. • Some links however are harder to spot, so here are my top tips for identifying lower quality links: • Whether the URL is indexed in Google or not: 079 6181 0430 Disavow Process
  24. 24. • Site-wide Links: Site wide links are generally associated with websites you have an affiliation with (friendly links), or links you've paid for. • Link Directories: Link directories are fairly easy to spot, if they contain words like 'backlinks', 'links', ‘seo' etc. in the URL, then the chances are that they are low quality links and need removing. Remove a link if: • The site is not indexed in Google, this would indicate a penalty. • The site automatically accepts links without any manual review. • The site has lots of spam links pointing to it • The site has categories for everything imaginable (cars, holidays etc). • The site is obviously part of a network where there are lots of related directories with similar names / similar looking websites etc. • The site contains keywords like 'best', 'links', 'seo' etc in the name. 079 6181 0430
  25. 25. Step 4: Finding webmaster contact details • This is one of the most important parts of your link removal process. • You're going to need to collect contact details for each of the webmasters. the data we wanted to collect again are • Contact Name, Email Address, Website Contact Form, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. • There are a variety of ways to find out the contact name of the owner of the blog. You could do this by carrying out a whois search on the website's domain name . 079 6181 0430
  26. 26. Step 5: Reaching out to webmasters • Outreach is a very important part of the link removal campaign. Your aim here is to get as many of those bad links removed to your website as possible. • There are a few tips I would recommend when sending emails to webmasters: • Don't send multiple emails for each link you need removing • Be polite • Try to find the webmasters name • Keep it short and sweet Step 6: The disavow tool • Using the disavow tool before a reconsideration request should be used if you're unable to remove all the offending links. 079 6181 0430
  27. 27. Step 7: Submit Google doc file Step 8 : sit back and wait • At this point, there's nothing you can do except for wait. • Reconsideration requests generally only take a few days, but in some cases can take weeks to get responses. 079 6181 0430
  28. 28. We specialize in: ●Traffic Drop Audits ●Unnatural Link Penalty Recovery ●Anchor text analysis and classification ●Google Penguin Recovery ●Link Removal Services we offer 079 6181 0430
  29. 29. ● It can be a difficult and worrying time but we are here to help and give you the advice and support you need to give your website the best chances of recovery. ● We manually audit and classify each and every one of your links. ● We know exactly how to format the relevant documents e.g. disavow.txt We will provide extensive documentation and evidence of work carried out. ● We will make every effort to maintain as many good links as possible. ● We have built up an extensive database of low quality websites that could be affecting you. Why should you hire us? 079 6181 0430
  30. 30. Join and Follow us: Contact Website: Email: Tel/fax: 079 6181 0430 079 6181 0430 Address: Syscomm Consulting Limited 67, Loudoun Rd, London NW8 0DQ United Kingdom
  31. 31. Thank You 079 6181 0430