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11 Actionable Tips for Students to Prevent Cyberbullying


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Have Cyberbullying incidents shot up in your school?

Read to find actionable tips to teach your students so that they do not fall prey to cyberbullying attacks.

To know more about cyberbullying and various ways to detect and prevent it in your school read our article titled "How to Prevent Cyberbullying in Schools - Strategies, Tips & Best Practices"

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11 Actionable Tips for Students to Prevent Cyberbullying

  1. 1. 11 Actionable Tips for Students to Prevent Cyberbullying
  2. 2. Teach your students these simple tips to stay safe online Attention, School Administrators!!
  3. 3. Never share your username and password with anyone except your parents
  4. 4. Don’t let others use your phone without your permission
  5. 5. Always save threatening and derogatory messages for evidence
  6. 6. Never respond over social media or by text when angry
  7. 7. Always block unwanted calls
  8. 8. Never respond to strangers online
  9. 9. Don’t just accept anyone as a friend on social networking sites
  10. 10. If it is something you would not say to others in person, then do not say it online either
  11. 11. Remember, there is no anonymity online as everything is traceable, even if deleted
  12. 12. If you are a victim of cyberbullying, always inform an adult Help..
  13. 13. Help your fellow peers speak out against cyberbullying attacks
  14. 14. Read our in-depth article • What is cyberbullying? • Why is cyberbullying so dangerous? • Why should schools care about cyberbullying? • Types of cyberbullying • Major causes of cyberbullying • Effects of cyberbullying on students • How to identify victims and perpetrators of cyberbullying • Solutions to stop and prevent cyberbullying in schools Read Now