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Why App Developers Should Use Mobile DevOps


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Mobile DevOps? DevOps? What's the Difference? In this post, we will see how to implement mobile DevOps in 2018. Yes, read more here:

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Why App Developers Should Use Mobile DevOps

  1. 1. How to Take Advantage of DevOps in Mobile Apps Testing
  2. 2. In this Slideshare, we’ll take a look what are top reasons for mobile app developers are facing a hard time to adopt efficient mobile DevOps practices in order to become more productive and essential skill sets to create an average mobile app on native platforms. Why All Developers Should Go Mobile DevOps
  3. 3. What is DevOps? The concept of DevOps is not new, Are you trying to get a better handle on regarding the definition of DevOps? In today’s current technology scenario, DevOps is becoming an approach to enable in modern application development and delivery.
  4. 4. DevOps for Mobile Apps If you’re looking to use DevOps for your mobile app development, and companies have been implementing it for a few years now, there is no such thing as DevOps for Mobile Apps? DevOps for Mobile Apps needs to be a part of your individual contribution of development overall DevOps strategy.
  5. 5. Release Code Operate Plan How Will DevOps Impact Mobile App Development? Deploy Monitor Test Build
  6. 6. So, Why Should You Opt for DevOps? Customer Satisfaction Competitors Frequent Software Deployments 440x Faster Lead Time 96x Faster Recovery
  7. 7. Successful Adoption of Mobile DevOps Development QA Operation DevOps Skills Toolsets Governance
  8. 8. Mobile DevOps for a Mobile Apps Developer Learn about iOS developers have to keep their app Dev skills and experience on past technologies value: Agile, DevOps, cross-platform development and test-driven development.
  9. 9. - Technology Flairs required for iOS App Development - Technology Expertise Needed for Android App Development - Technology Commands Over Cross-platform or Hybrid App Development - Additional Qualifications Expected in Modern Mobile App Developers •APIs Integration Expertise •Cloud Services Flairs •DevOps Qualifications •QA & Testing Skills What does your Mobile Developers Practice look like?
  10. 10. Why Now Is the Best Time to Adapt DevOps? If you are interested for more advice on DevOps and mobile app development, recently, I have written a blog “What Are Top Skills You Expect from a Mobile Developer Today? DevOps, Cross- Platform, and Test?” is a great tool for using DevOps development.
  11. 11. Switching to Mobile DevOps? We can Help We, at SysBunny not only offer mobile application development but also render DevOps as a service. For any assistance or right applications to the right customer, we offer our 30 minutes free consultation with our mobile app expert. To connect, visit: App consultation service.
  12. 12. Contact Us 2355 SE Willowbrook Dr, Waukee, IA 50263, United States. +1 5129372529