Loosening the leash


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Prescribing rigid strategic planning practices to social media management can be a dangerous practice. It limits the reaction time to opportunities to reach out to and connect with potential and real customers. Gain the edge by making social media a loosely defined but highly appreciated marketing practice.

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Loosening the leash

  1. 1. Loosening the Leash: Social Media Opportunities & Marketing Strategies Syracuse BizBuzz May 27, 2010
  2. 2. Parent Blogger from Ottawa, ON with thousands of readers Andrea Tompkins
  3. 4. Convention & Sports Sales
  4. 5. Packages
  5. 6. Media Relations Thursday, October 30  (noon newscast) CJOH-TV (the CTV affiliate for the Ottawa, Ontario market) Broadcasts locally on channel 13
  6. 7. Online Promotions
  7. 8. Parent Blogger from Ottawa, ON with thousands of readers Andrea Tompkins
  8. 14. Leslie Root One of the 6,086 Facebook users who loves Syracuse
  9. 19. Laurie Piecham Clancy 1 of the 20 winners to the “Pride of New York Harvest Festival Charity Gala Ticket Giveaway” held on Syracuse, NY Facebook page
  10. 25. Randy Hadzor Facebook fan who used Syracuse, NY page to promote his event
  11. 28. Danielle Rauch Online Promotions Manager Syracuse Convention and Visitors Bureau
  12. 32. Katie Nielsen Convention Sales Manager Syracuse Convention and Visitors Bureau
  13. 39. David Heymann General Manager Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel
  14. 41. John Stage Owner Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
  15. 43. CVB staffers asked visitors to the Syracuse booth at the 2009 NYS Fair: “What do you love about Syracuse?” Here’s what some of them said: What do you love about Syracuse?
  16. 44. More Dino recognition from us and our followers
  17. 45. Butch Spyridon President Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau
  18. 46. Devastation in Nashville
  19. 50. JD Crowe Chair, Regional Convention & Facilities Sweet Adelines Region 16
  20. 51. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_MjCS_dSC0
  21. 52. Video Stats Posted: April 30, 2010 Total views: 249 (as of 5/25) 141 from Canada 88 from the US 6 from Australia 5 from Europe 2 from Asia
  22. 53. Questions?