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Can Social Change The Game For Pharma?


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Social Media is changing the landscape for Pharma. It is time to get ahead of the changes and leverage social to drive strategy across your enterprise.

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Can Social Change The Game For Pharma?

  1. 1. WEBINAR Can Social Change the Game for Pharma?
  2. 2. Why Social? Customers are online and sharing (mis)information relevant to your organization, the pharma industry, your competitors. You can not afford to ignore.
  3. 3. How Do I Approach Social Strategy? ● Implement a social strategy that will: ○ detect and manage adverse events ○ monitor unbiased & unsolicited patient opinions ○ adhere to industry regulations ● Use a social intelligence tool that delivers: ○ top data quality ○ actionable insights ○ collaboration tools
  4. 4. How Do I Stay Compliant? ●Know what you can and cannot say on social media ●Workflows: Define which people will be alerted when a “fire” occurs ●Monitor areas, products, and countries susceptible to crises ●Define the right KPI’s to measure the evolution of the crisis over time as well as the impact of your communication
  5. 5. How Do I Measure ROI? Leverage a social listening tool to measure stats around: ●Who - Identify and monitor influencers - both advocates and detractors ●What - Reach ●When - Do social spikes correspond to campaigns or crises? ●Where - Are there sites/platforms where your audience likes to comment? ●Why - What motivates people to express opinions online?
  6. 6. ● Find out where your community “lives”, and listen. ● Are there red flags for your products or services ● Trends: Are there spikes in conversation or negative sentiment? ● Implement an alerting system for adverse events How Do I Detect Adverse Events?
  7. 7. How Do I Manage Adverse Events? Develop an adverse event Decision Tree: ●Define what adverse events are. ●Define solid instructions on when to report an adverse event. ●When an alert comes in, who does it go to? ●Is there an escalation workflow? ●Is there a compliance officer involved?
  8. 8. Social – The New Focus Group? ● Communities are forming online around shared diseases, including patients, families, and practitioners: ○ Cancer ○ Depression ○ Diabetes ○ Etc… … These are global, organic, large-scale focus groups ● Get unbiased, peer-to-peer, and unsolicited view of the patient experience with pharmaceutical products
  9. 9. Enterprise Listening Platforms, 2014 #1 GLOBAL LISTENING VENDOR “Synthesio is a leader in this study due to its superior global data coverage, automated analysis built from human coding, and functional dashboard. Well-satisfied customer references score the vendor highly for its flexibility and the frequency with which it recommends new approaches. Synthesio is best suited for customers in regulated industries like pharmaceutical or financial services.”