Presentation: Soaring High with Social Media


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Are you ready to take off with social media? The airline industry, like many others, has been dramatically affected by the influence of social media. Your passengers and prospective passengers are already on social media discussing you, your competitors and your the overall marketplace. Watch out our presentation to learn how to create an effective social listening strategy.

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Presentation: Soaring High with Social Media

  1. 1. Soaring  High  with  Social  Listening   Crea3ng  a  Social  Media  Strategy   for  the  Airline  Industry    
  2. 2. TRAVELLERS ARE ALREADY RELYING ON AND CONVERSING ON SOCIAL MEDIA Travel  review  websites  and  web  based  travel  agencies  have  become  the   most  popular  source  for  travel  planning,  reviews  and  decision  making.     Social  media  has  provided  your  customers  with  a  plaCorm  to  share  their   voice  on  mass.     The  customer  now  has  the  power  to  have  a  huge  impact  on  an  airline’s   reputa3on.      
  3. 3. According to a recent study by TripAdvisor… Online  plaCorms  are  the  main  source  of  travel   informa3on  -­‐  92%  of  people  refer  to  online  sources   when  researching  their  last  trip.   ONLY  18%  of  travellers  do  NOT  BOOK  their   vaca3ons  online     Source: TripBarometer by TripAdvisor - Winter 2012 / 2013   3
  4. 4. 80% of online Americans IGNORE help say that online reviews them decide whether or not to purchase a product. Ipsos 2012 You CANNOT IGNORE the Social Conversation
  6. 6. SOCIAL  REPUTATION  SCORE   (SRS)   %  Posi3ve  Comments  -­‐  %  Nega3ve  Comments   SRS  
  7. 7. INDUSTRIES SRS 1. Hotels 2. Retailers 3. Auto 4. Consumer Electronics 5. Mobile Service Providers 6. Insurance 7. Airlines 8. Shipping 9. Banks 76 52 51 49 48 36 35 32 29
  8. 8. IN THIS PRESENTATION WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO:   1 Align  Social  Media  Monitoring  with  Business  Objec3ves   2 Become  your  Community’s  Concierge   3 Provide  First  Class  Customer  Service   4 Be  Prepared  for  Escala3ng  Crises   5 Think  Global   6 Measure  and  Report  Your  Success  
  9. 9. ALIGN SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING WITH BUSINESS OBJECTIVES ●  Iden3fy  your  business  objec3ves  across  various  business  units  and  evaluate   whether  social  media  can  help  you  achieve  your  goals     ●  One  size  does  not  fit  all,  but  social  listening  can  serve  varied  specific  needs   ●  Business-­‐aligned  social  media  strategy  jus3fies  the  business  case  for  inves3ng  in   social  media  monitoring  and  engagement  
  10. 10. CASE STUDY: EMOTIONAL VS RATIONAL Luggage     Points  &  Clubs   Analysis   Luggage     Points  &  Clubs   Emo7onal:  Ephemeral  and  Short-­‐Form   54.4%   37.1%   Ra7onal:  Sta<c  and  Long-­‐Form   33.6%   53.2%   (Microblogging,  Social  Networking)     (Forums,  Blogs)    
  11. 11. BECOME YOUR COMMUNITY’S CONCIERGE ●  Find  out  where  your  community  “lives”       o  Do  your  customers  engage  on  Twider,   blogs,  forums  or  mainstream  news?   o  What  keywords  do  they  use  most?     ●  Discover  top  influencers  driving   conversa3on.   ●  Use  social  media  as  a  tool  to  crea3vely   help  tourists  plan  their  vaca3on.     ●  Inspire,  engage,  and  add  value  for  your   community  by  providing  useful  insider   informa3on  &  useful  facts  about  the   des3na3on.  
  12. 12. PROVIDE FIRST CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE Use  social  media  to  do  more  than  offer  up  apologies  and  promote  content.     SOLVE  PROBLEMS.       ●  Seek  out  customer  issues  to  establish   real-­‐3me  communica3on  between   your  brand  and  your  consumers   ●  Study  organic  customer  service   feedback  to  collect  long-­‐term  insights   ●  Implement  strategies  to  empower   community  managers  so  they  can   quickly  address  customer  problems.  
  13. 13. BE PREPARED FOR ESCALATING CRISES Define  what  a  crisis  is  for  your  company,  and  build  a  crisis  response  chart  with   several  levels  of  severity.     With  the  right  alerts  set  up  in  advance,  be  alerted  of  crises  before  they  escalate.   Base  aler3ng  on:   ●  Data  Spikes:  Watch  for  an  unusual  influx  in  nega3ve  online  conversa3ons   pertaining  to  your  brand.     ●  Real-­‐Time  Feedback:   Monitor  discussion  of  your   most  sensi3ve  topics  as  it   happens    
  14. 14. THINK GLOBAL   ●  Do  ideas  or  terms  vary  by  plaCorm  or   country?   ●  Travellers  are  from  everywhere,  are   going  everywhere.  Don’t  limit  your   social  strategy  or  reach!     ●  Travellers  don’t  disconnect  when   travelling.    
  15. 15. MEASURE AND REPORT YOUR SUCCESS ●  Create  metrics  and  key  performance  indicators  to  track  your  social  media   success.       ●  Don’t  waste  3me  tracking  informa3on  that’s  not  important  to  your  brand.   ●  Keep  it  Simple:  One  short-­‐term  goal  associated  with  one  KPI  at  a  3me.     ●  Where  Possible,  Break  Silos:  communicate  across  departments  and  leverage   insights  across  the  enterprise.  
  16. 16. CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO BE PART OF THE CONVERSATION? •  Social  media  has  provided  your  customers  with  a  megaphone  to  share  their   voice.     •  Use  social  listening  to  keep  your  finger  on  the  pulse  of  all  conversa3ons  about   your  brand,  products  or  services,  or  compe33ve  research.     •  Integrate  social  listening  into  customer  service,  marke3ng,  crisis  and  reputa3on   management,  and  sales  and  HR  ini3a3ves  to  achieve  business  results.     LISTEN ENGAGE ANALYZE