Defining the World's Social Media Listening Maturity


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Defining the World's Social Media Listening Maturity

  1. 1. Defining the World’s Social Media Listening Maturity Defining the World’s Social Media Listening Maturity Insights from a Jet-Lagged CEO U.S. EUROPE APAC LATAM MEA RUSSIA“Over the past few years, I have had the chance to travel the world to build Synthesio’s offices, meetclients and have discussions with some amazing social media personalities. I have learnt a lot andthought that sharing my findings could help others who are attempting to setup and expand theirlistening and engagement strategies across the globe.”Loic Moisand, CEO and Co-Founder of Synthesio@loicmo© Synthesio, inc, All rights reserved Page 1 of 9
  2. 2. Defining the World’s Social Media Listening MaturityWHY READ THIS EBOOK? You would like to launch a global social media listening and engagement project You need to understand the differences of maturity between different parts of the world You started to listen a few years ago and need to go a step furtherTABLE OF CONTENTS 1. The Social Media Listening Maturity Curve 3 2. America 4 3. Europe 5 4. Asia 6 5. Latin America 7 6. Middle East 8 7. Russia 9© Synthesio, inc, All rights reserved Page 2 of 9
  3. 3. Defining the World’s Social Media Listening MaturityTHE SOCIAL MEDIA LISTENING MATURITY CURVEWhen tackling the social media listening and engagement issue, all brands have to face similarchallenges. The journey presented below is a simple summary of the different steps brands have togo through to become social media champions. If you are to launch a global project, it will beimportant to take into account the different levels of maturity, as they will change the way youshould approach listening for each country.NORTH AMERICAEUROPELATIN AMERICAASIAMEA, RUSSIA Measure Campaigns Predictive Implement online Marketing teams use analytics customer support social media to fuel Connect social Engage on major campaigns and measure Scale across media results with the social networks results with various customer surveys enterprise metrics (#fans, likes, to get the full sentiment, etc.) picture of the Find customer customer journey insights Monitor So What? competitors Brands struggle to leverage the value Incentivize Detect teams Integrate with Sales of listening and influencers Build Build the Compare social media engagement Benchmarks indicators with Voice of the Control Customer customer satisfaction reputation metrics (Net Promoter Score) or sales figures Start Social Becomes Prevent Bad Buzz Strategic Listening is owned by PR Top management set team’s worried about the objectives and clear harm of a potential social performance media crisis indicators to track marketing and PR results© Synthesio, inc, All rights reserved Page 3 of 9
  4. 4. Defining the World’s Social Media Listening MaturityNORTH AMERICAThe U.S. and Canada are today the most advanced nations when it comes to social media listening andengagement. With a 50% penetration rate of social networks across a population of 350 million people,brands have at hand hundreds of actionable insights coming from millions of conversations. % of active social Country media users within Top Social Networks Languages the population*U.S. 50% Facebook, Twitter English, SpanishCanada 50% Facebook, Twitter English, French*Global Web IndexAchievements  A vast majority of brands are already equipped with professional listening tools that are mostly used by PR and Marketing teams.  Early innovators now develop cross department initiatives involving social customer support activities as well.  Social is becoming increasingly strategic to understand and track customer experience. Leaders build customer experience departments overseeing the customer journey and connecting the dots between marketing, sales, PR and support.Challenges  Enterprise level listening is still at a very early stage. Companies still struggle to set up clear and simple indicators to monitor their results and incentivize their teams.  Very few brands have an integrated view of the voice of the customer which merges social data with internal data such as sales results, customer profiles or the Net Promoter Score.Interestingly, consulting firms, such as Accenture, Deloitte or BCG, are all developing practices to preparetheir clients for that big transformation of their business.Resources The Global Enterprise Listening Platform Wave 2012, Forrester Research Define Social Intelligence, Forrester Research The Social Reputation Score, Synthesio How does Microsoft monitor the Voice of the Customer?© Synthesio, inc, All rights reserved Page 4 of 9
  5. 5. Defining the World’s Social Media Listening MaturityEUROPEBrands in Europe have to deal with different adoption rates of social media across countries. For years, thecultural differences and the variety of languages slowed down the deployments of vast social listeningprograms. Today, leading brands manage to overcome differences by relying on tools offering strong localcoverage with advanced geolocation capabilities. % of active social Country media users within Top Social Networks Languages the population*France 37.5% Facebook FrenchUK 32.8% Facebook EnglishGermany 32.1% Facebook GermanSpain 26.4% Facebook Spanish, CatalanItaly 24.2% Facebook Italian*Global Web IndexAchievements  Over 50% of brands are equipped with professional tools mainly, utilized by PR and Marketing teams.  European brands have become experts in deploying pan-European and truly global listening initiatives in 10+ languages.  Brands have developed a strong expertise in managing remote teams using simple performance indicators shared at a group level such as Share of Buzz or the Social Reputation Score  Social customer support is growing rapidly thanks to efficient initiatives led by banking or telecommunication leaders such as Orange, British Telecom or BNP Paribas.Challenges  Numerous brands rely on internal champions to lead listening and engagement activities. Very few of them are backed-up by a strong social strategy coming from C-level management.  Pan-European organizations are complex and the management of change takes a longer time than in North America.  Some brands who have been listening for 1 or 2 years are questioning the value of the programs to drive decisions. They need better training from experts to define their goals and implement the right initiatives and metrics (agencies, consulting firms, listening vendors).Resources How Orange Used Listening and Engagement Deploying Listening Across 100 Countries, the Accor Case Study© Synthesio, inc, All rights reserved Page 5 of 9
  6. 6. Defining the World’s Social Media Listening MaturityASIAAsia has more people connected to social networks than any other region in the world. They spend asignificant amount of time on Western social networks like Facebook or Twitter as well as local sites such asRenren or Tencent Weibo. Despite this, brands in Asia are still at a very early stage of maturity when it comesto social media listening and engagement. % of active social Country media users within the Top Social Networks Languages population*Hong Kong 54% Facebook Chinese, EnglishSouth Korea 52% Cyworld KoreanSingapore 51% Facebook Singaporean, EnglishTaiwan 42% Wretch TaiwaneseMalaysia 41% Facebook MalaisChina 40% List below** ChinesePhilippines 28% Facebook Filipino, EnglishJapan 19% Mixi JapaneseIndonesia 17% Facebook Bahasa, EnglishVietnam 8% Zing VietnameseIndia 3% Facebook English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil*Global Web Index**Top Chinese social network copycats: Twitter: Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo Facebook: Qzone, RenRen, Kaixin, Tencent Pengyou, 51.comYoutube: Youku, Tudou, Ku6, Yelp: Dianping, Tianya, Douban Amazon: TaoBao, 360buy Foursquare: Jiepang Linkedin: Tianji, Ushi,Wealink Pinterest: Duitang, Digu, Huaban, Mogujie, PinfunAchievements  Many brands have started to understand the power of listening and use entry level tools combined with a lot of human analysis.  Listening is mostly used on a one off basis to detect insights that will fuel marketing campaigns.  Asia has some very advanced players with the same level of maturity as U.S. leaders: Starhub, Singapore Airlines, Toyota and Nissan. These innovators will serve as models for many risk-averse brands who might be often reluctant to enter a new market too quickly.Challenges  Social media in Asia really differs from one country to another. China on its own has 50+ different social networks, all strictly controlled by the government. Japan and Korea have adopted some networks used in the Western world but a large part of their social activities happen in closed social networks such as Mixi or Cyworld. The South East Asia population mostly uses western social networks to share online.  Censorship in China makes the cost of listening higher than in other countries. Synthesio is one of the very few companies who has built partnerships with local players to ensure data delivery.  Brands need to acquire more expertise by working with leading specialized agencies or consulting firms in the region (Ogilvy, ZenithOptimedia, Leo Burnett or Forrester). They will have to create social media centers of excellence to drive the next innovations.© Synthesio, inc, All rights reserved Page 6 of 9
  7. 7. Defining the World’s Social Media Listening Maturity  Agencies and brands should focus more on technology instead of manual analysis to take their initiatives to the next level. Resources Social Media Marketing in China, Forrester Research The Great Firewall of China – Social Media & Censorship in China Detailed guides to trends in social, digital and mobile in Asia AMERICALatin America is catching up very quickly with Europe and North America. An average of 29% of thepopulation are active users of social networks and most brands understand the business opportunities thatsocial media can offer. The number of web users in Latin America continues to grow yearly at a double-digitrate. This growth, however, hides a number of disparities from one country to another. Certain countries likeBrazil, Argentina and Mexico have already joined the top 10 consumers of social media worldwide in lessthan 2 years, while others consume far less. % of active social Country media users within the Top Social Networks Languages population*Argentina 37% Facebook SpanishBrazil 31% Orkut, Facebook Brazilian, PortugueseMexico 26% Facebook Spanish*Global Web IndexAchievements Of all the regions analyzed in this report, Latin America has certainly experienced the fastest learning curve in running large-scale social marketing campaigns. The very high penetration rate of social networks (Local and Global) among the population enabled brands to very quickly run strong social media campaigns, involving hundreds of thousands of consumers (Visa, Ford, Panini, etc). Brand related pages on social networks are very active and gather a high number of users who are willing to participate in conversations. In Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, above 64% of web users agreed that they were “very much” or “somewhat” likely to regularly check brands’ social media pages and just less than 12% in each country considered themselves very unlikely to check in on them.ChallengesThe very favorable market conditions in Latin America encourage all marketers to experiment in socialmedia. Most initiatives are geared towards gathering more fans and building active communities but thebasics of listening and engagement are very often not completely mastered. We can expect some major© Synthesio, inc, All rights reserved Page 7 of 9
  8. 8. Defining the World’s Social Media Listening Maturitysocial media crises in Latin America coming from brands excited by the opportunity to become more socialbut with very little knowledge of the risks involved.Resources Focusing on social media in Latin America Social Media Users In APAC and Latin America Are Brand Enthusiasts!! Creating Winning Social Media Strategies in Brazil, Altimeter Group EASTThis region is still at the very first stage of listening. Brands and governments are mostly focused onlistening to control conversations rather than to improve the customer experience. However, the Arab Springhas significantly raised the popularity of social networking among the youth, who actively use Twitter andFacebook to discuss politics. 2012 saw Facebook users grow by almost a third and 17 million tweets areposted from the region every day. Some brands like Emirates have started to leverage that potential andimplement good practices that should serve as examples for the others. % of active social Region media users within the Top Social Networks Languages population*Middle East 37% Facebook, Twitter Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Farsi*Global Web IndexResources Emirates Case Study hero-for-july-2012/ Social Media in the MENA© Synthesio, inc, All rights reserved Page 8 of 9
  9. 9. Defining the World’s Social Media Listening MaturityRUSSIARussia has less than 20% of active social media users within its population but the Russians who areconnected to the internet spend more time on social networks than in any other country in the world. Thisaudience is growing at a very fast pace, mostly on local sites such as Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.Listening and engagement practices are still at their early stages and most brands started to listen less thana year ago. However, the country has some strong innovators and web entrepreneurship is booming. We canexpect large global brands and innovative small businesses to launch social media initiatives that will set anexample to others. % of active social Region media users within Top Social Networks Languages the population*Russia 18% Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook Russian,*Global web indexResources Russian Social Media Becoming the Grown-Ups I-comference 2012 Moscow Insights into the Digital Landscape in Russia Request a PersonalWANT TO LEARN MORE? Presentation© Synthesio, inc, All rights reserved Page 9 of 9