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Listening for Orange    Key Figures    · 30 dedicated full-time community managers    · More than 10 000 responses posted ...
Listening for OrangeThe results                                                  seem like competition to them, so our web...
Listening for Orangeteam of web consultants, says Thomas Le Gac.                toring services to expand their social med...
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Listening for Orange: Identifying Insights, Super Contributors, and Sentiment


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Listening for Orange: Identifying Insights, Super Contributors, and Sentiment

  1. 1. Listening for Orange Key Figures · 30 dedicated full-time community managers · More than 10 000 responses posted by Orange’s community managers · More than 1000 keywords tracked · 11 topics analyzed and tonalized (positive, negative, neutral, ambivalent) · Several crisis handled (specific reports) : loss of exclusivity on the iPhone, TV VAT impact, etc. Orange is a leading telecommu- • a FAQ doesn’t allow visitors to ask their own nications company in Europe that questions. has partnered with Synthesio, an • there were “so many different client requests” that it international web monitoring and was impossible to answer every question. research company, to actively lis- • clients and corporations don’t use the same lan- ten to and engage consumers on- guage – so customers spent time searching for their line. answer or left unsatisfied. • you had to actually go to the official Orange site to use the FAQ ! Not very user-friendly for customers searching for a response – any response – where they could find it. Solution #1 : The Orange Forum Orange decided to put into place a much more interac- tive system that would allow visitors to pose their own questions and find the responses they were looking for much more easily. They started working with Synthesio one year ago, atThe problem the same time when they put into place their own official Orange forum. The official forum allowed visitors to askOrange telecommunications initially started out on the questions in their own phraseology and get answersweb by implementing a FAQ on their site, allowing cus- from others just like them. Instead of being sent to thetomers to find answers to any number of problems or “right” answers, visitors to the Orange FAQ were sent toquestions they might have had. Online for a dozen years the forum thread that corresponded to their question.or so, the objective was to respond to the larger num- The forum was self-regulated, meaning that only non-ber of questions posed by their clients. All in all, the FAQ corporate web users were allowed to leave questionswas a rich resource for Internet users when it was first and answers. Orange, however, took it upon them-put into place. It had about 2,000 different cases and selves to “certify” certain answers by placing a Stampseveral topics like cell phones, Internet, TV, VoIP, etc. of Certification on those they felt were the best answersThe FAQ was a traditional web service that seemed to to user well. Divided into several sections, it sent site visi-tors to the right answers via a questionnaire – and aver-aged 6 million visits per month !However, the problems faced by Orange were multiple,according to Thomas Le Gac, Project Manager 2.0 forOrange :Synthesio - Listening for Orange 1
  2. 2. Listening for OrangeThe results seem like competition to them, so our web consultants only answer when these ’super contributors’ don’t haveThe forum has received over 5 million visits over the an answer.”past year, a number that can be partially translatedinto service calls that Orange doesn’t have to answerthemselves. They started to save money in their Hotline The responsedepartment almost immediately. As opposed to having Since the implementation of Synthesio’s monitoring, Or-only 2,000 answers available via their FAQ, they had ange has been able to identify and solve numerousnow Certified over 1,000 forum responses and estimate “collective problems”. Recently, for example, 40,000 cli-that over 100,000 people have viewed them. That’s a ents signed up for a specific package complained of notpotential 100,000 fewer Hotline calls. receiving the amount of memory they had signed up for.What’s more, the Stamp of Certification recognized The customer service hotline answered questions fromcertain forum members as experts and leaders in that clients that called in, but the web team was able to de-community, energizing them to contribute more and tect the problem as a “collective problem” as the num-more often. ber of thread posts grew quickly. “Identifying weak sig- nals is key to avoiding a major communications crisis,”Solution #2 : says Loic Moisand. Orange rapidly corrected the prob- lem and alerted clients to the correction. This informa-A team of Web Consultants tion allowed them to realize an immediate savings on clients that did not call the support center and possibleHowever, Orange realized that they could – and should PR expenses.– go a step further. Instead of making clients come tothem, Orange decided to go “fishing where the fish are” Orange has estimated “a few million euros” in savingsaccording to Thomas Le Gac. Also one year ago, Or- just through this installation of listening, and are expect-ange began listening to forums online with Synthesio, ing several more millions in ROI. According to Le Gac,watching and learning how people interacted on forums the ROI they have seen has been “extremely quick”.and what they were talking about.“One of our main challenges was to collect millions ofopinions on a brand that has the same name as a fruit,” Added benefits : monitoringsays Synthesio CEO & Co-Founder Loic Moisand. Le competitors’ conversationsGac and his team worked with Synthesio to identify the5 top forums for Orange discussions. ”They were able In addition to the ROI realized by listening to third-partyto listen to forum conversations for a year before joining forums and positive image constructed through the en-in on the conversations,” says Moisand. couragement of influential forum members, Orange has also been able to work with Synthesio to listen to con-Orange and Synthesio worked to analyze and engage in versations about competitors.conversations with customers in real or near-real time.Synthesio’s analysts filtered through comments to iden- In one case, they were able to spot a problem in a di-tify them for positive or negative sentiment and assign rect competitor’s offer that was complained about by athem to pre-chosen categories, while Le Gac put into number of forum visitors, and avoided making the sameplace a team of “web consultants” to respond to com- mistake, themselves.ments. After listening to conversations on the web, theywere able to develop a chart of guidelines for interven- They have also been able to spot offers from their com-ing (or not) in forum discussions. petitors that their customers wanted in their own plans.For example even before intervening, the Orange team Unlimited calling, for example, was part of a competi-asks permission from forum administrators so as not to tor’s offer that customers talked about in forums. It isintrude. They also identified certain moderator-like par- now part of the Orange Open calling plan and givesticiapnts that Le Gac refers to as “super contributors.” customers unlimited calling capability for a certain num-They are community participants that regularly post ber of contacts.good answers to visitors’ questions. ”There are certainmembers of every forum that respond more often thanothers that should be identified,” says Loic Moisand. Next steps :Le Gac adds that “the rule of thumb is to let the ’super Orange is always seeking to go further in their responsecontributors’ answer questions first. We don’t want to to customer needs and is planning on growing theirSynthesio - Listening for Orange 2
  3. 3. Listening for Orangeteam of web consultants, says Thomas Le Gac. toring services to expand their social media efforts to Switzerland, Spain, Romania, Poland, and the UK, toHe aims to turn the team of 7 web consultants into a name a few.powerhouse of 30 by the end of the year. Finally, Synthesio’s analysts identify sentiment sur-Orange is also planning on expanding their web listening rounding the Orange brand and various offerings. Eachand interaction via their involvement in more social net- comment in a thread is flagged as positive, negative,works and more countries. While a seemingly “must” for or neutral, and assigned to one of the topics Orange isnorthern American companies, Twitter has been slowly monitoring in online forums.growing their presence in France in terms of the numberof users. “There are certain characteristics that we would like to see around our brand,” says Thomas Le Gac. “Trans-Orange therefore plans to take advantage of this tool by parency and honesty aren’t easy to measure, but theyopening their own B2C account, as well as using Face- are clearly an objective for us. We are comparing Syn-book forums. thesio’s sentiment analysis from month to month to see where there are changes and why. This is a question weThey realize the potential of these spaces to attract are going to keep looking at.”younger customers and to find them where they are.There is also a number of international branches that A warm thank you to Thomas Le Gac, Projectare interested in Orange’s innovative steps in France, Manager 2.0 for Orange, and Loic Moisand, CEOand they are currently working to use Synthesio’s moni- & Co-Founder of Synthesio for their testimonies About Synthesio Synthesio is a global, multi-lingual Social Media Monitoring and research company, utilizing a powerful hybrid of tech and human monitoring services to help Brands and Agencies collect and analyze consumer conversations online. The result is actionable analytics and insights that provide an accurate snapshot of a brand and help answer the ultimate questions – how are we really doing right now, and how can we make it better. Founded in 2006, the company has grown to include analysts who provide native-language monitoring and analytic services in over 30 lanuages worldwide. Brands such as Toyota, Microsoft, Sanofi, Accor, Or- ange and many other well-known companies turn to Synthesio for the data they need to engage with their markets, anticipate and prepare for emerging crisis situations, and prepare for new product or new cam- paign launches.Synthesio - Listening for Orange 3