Online Reputation - Accor/Novotel Case Study                                                       55% more Internet users...
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Accor: Identifying & Improving Online Reputation in Hospitality


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Accor: Identifying & Improving Online Reputation in Hospitality

  1. 1. Online Reputation - Accor/Novotel Case Study 55% more Internet users satisfied in 1 year A top global The Solution hotel chain and a leader in Europe, Synthesio created a tool specifically designed for Accor is present tracking online reputation of 12,000 of Accor’s in 90 countries with over 145,000 affiliates. With and competitors’ hotels, aimed towards market- 4,100 properties and 500,000 rooms, the group’s various brands offer several options to suit their ing and operations directors for each of the different guests during their stays, should they be traveling brands. for business or pleasure. Working in coordination with the corporate market- ing team, the tool analyzes Internet user satisfaction at each step of a guest’s stay. Synthesio’s results are then cross-analyzed with other internal indica- tors of quality such as online customer satisfaction surveys and field tests. Yves Lecret, says that he greatly appreciates the complementarity of these tools, which analyze guest satisfaction accross a wide variety of out- lets. Their guest questionnaire makes it possible to quickly detect and correct sources of dissatisfaction while Synthesio’s analysis of unstructured data of-Results fers a more global view of the brand’s online reputa- tion.Within the Accor group, the Novotel brand has seenthe volume of positive feedback increase by Thanks to Synthesio’s continuing flow of online pub-55% in just 1 year while the number of negative lic chatter, Accor was able to set up a rewards sys-comments has stagnated. This has played an im- tem and training program encouraging each Hotelportant role for the double-digit growth in online to engage in online conversations with their con-sales. sumers.The brand has also been able to quickly identifyand resolve customer issues that used to bedifficult to understand. One example Yves Lecretgave was that, “we identified a problem with guests’ About Synthesioroom keys being de-magnetized by their smart-phones. We reported this problem to our supplier Synthesio is a global, multi-lingual Social Me-who was able to make the technical changes nec- dia Monitoring and research company, utilizingessary to correct this issue”. a powerful hybrid of tech and human monitoring services to help Brands and Agencies collect and analyze consumer conversations online. The re-Background sult is actionable analytics and insights that pro- vide an accurate snapshot of a brand and helpOver 5,000 opinions are published each month answer the ultimate questions – how are we reallyabout Accor’s different brands on sites like Book- doing right now, and how can we make it or Tripadvisor. The company approached Founded in 2006, the company has grown toSynthesio with a desire to take a closer look at include analysts who provide native-languagesatisfaction-related comments for both Accor’s and monitoring and analytic services in over 30 lan-competitors’ hotels - a total of around 12,000 ho- guages worldwide. Brands such as Toyota, Mi-tels worldwide. crosoft, Sanofi, Accor, Orange and many other well-known companies turn to Synthesio for theFor Yves Lecret, Novotel’s marketing director in data they need to engage with their markets, an-France, the main challenge was “beeing able to de- ticipate and prepare for emerging crisis situations,tect guest dissatisfaction as quickly as possible and prepare for new product or new campaignand correct problem areas directly at their sources”. launches. www.synthesio.comSynthesio - Online Reputation - Accor/Novotel Case Study 1