Testing Strategies for Seamless ICD-10 Compliant Systems


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As providers complete the migration from ICD-9 to ICD-10, testing the software systems seems to be one of the biggest challenges faced. Remediated systems must be tested to ensure internal systems and external trading partners are proactively aligned and ready to accept the new codes and formats.

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Testing Strategies for Seamless ICD-10 Compliant Systems

  1. 1. Leveraging Proven Testing Strategies for Seamless ICD-10Compliant Systems As providers complete the migration from ICD-9 to ICD-10, testing the software systems seems to be one of the biggest challenges faced. Remediated systems must be tested to ensure CHALLENGES internal systems and external trading partners are proactively aligned and ready to accept the FACED IN ICD-10 TESTINGnew codes and formats. • Test planning, aligned with Providers should opt for testing their ICD-10 remediation systems with a strong test solution - a blend ICD and business-as-usual of a well-defined life cycle approach and processes that leverage accelerators to expedite testing release plans efforts and maximize cost reduction. Partnering with Syntel’s Integrated Test Accelerator Platform and • Implementation of an nSure10SM offering (iTAP-nSure10SM) can help you reduce your manual testing efforts, time and cost. enterprise-level test strategy to ensure thorough testing ofSyntel’s Solution all code changes The iTAP-nSure10SM is an end-to-end testing approach, encompassing all phases of the software • Testing to ensure accurate testing lifecycle – planning, design, execution and closure. The nSure10SM testing tool is a reimbursements and comprehensive solution that integrates processes, tools and methodologies to ensure you are ICD-10 interoperability compliant, with minimal disruption to your business. • Ensuring successful Syntel’s tool-driven Reimbursement Risk Analysis helps you understand and analyze the existing integration/interfacing among and recommended system state, to identify ‘deviation hotspots’ where the results in ICD-10 deviate clearing houses, providers from their ICD-9 counterparts. and payers • Database testing to validate Syntel has developed a comprehensive Business Partner Testing framework to facilitate new codes and transactions communication and coordination with business partners, such as labs and clearing houses. This will • Test data creation and help schedule event testing and enable centralized process of tracking and reporting of business management partners. • Regression testing acrossSyntel’s ICD-10 Testing Services test beds • Ensuring transaction processing of the new code set Comprehensive test assessment Professional business and impact analysis of existing test consulting services ICD-10 Migration TEST TEST to achieve ICD-10 compliance ASSESSMENT CONSULTING STRATEGY Complete end-to-end testing END-TO-END SUPPORT Leverage Syntel’s proprietary from assessment SERVICES SERVICES plug and play ICD-10 testing through testing to achieve tools to efficiently migrate ICD-10 complaince with no redundancyOverview of Syntel’s ICD-10 Testing ServicesSyntel’s iTAP-nSure10SM Testing Framework The testing approach includes discovery, design, execution and reporting, supported by accelerators to facilitate rapid validation and test data generation. This approach allows inter¬nal systems to be fully equipped and thoroughly tested. Testing activities focus on test case management, defect management, and a customized test repository to suit provider and payer businesses, ensuring quality test data for successful testing and a zero-defect system.
  2. 2. Leveraging Proven Testing Strategies for Seamless ICD-10 Compliant SystemsWHY SYNTEL? ICD-10 Testing Methodology Discovery Phase Test Planning and Test Execution Test Closure• A leading global IT and KPO service provider • Inventory collection Test Design • Internal Testing • Lessons Learned• Established in 1980 • Impact analysis • Test Plan • Parallel Testing • Optimization test suite (NASDAQ: SYNT) • Test strategy and • Test scenarios • External Testing • Go/no go• More than 24 offices in compliance roadmap creation and updation • Neutrality Testing recommendations North America, Europe and • Test bed setup Asia• Flexible onsite-offshore Assessment Impact Analyzer Test data Risk based Pairwise Regression Neutrality Automation and Metrics and Business partner Framework Dashboard Management Testing Testing optimization Analysis performance Analysis Testing global delivery model framework• Dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoE), such as the Testing CoE, to help clients with expert advice and project guidance iTAP-nSure10SM• Syntel’s proprietary testing tool – iTAP and DISCOVERY PLANNING AND TEST DESIGN EXECUTION CLOSURE PHASE PHASE PHASE customizable frameworks PHASE• A ready-to-use Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Clinical Test PAYERS PROVIDERS CLEARING HOUSE Scenario repository, with ICD provider repository Syntel’s iTAP-nSure10 Testing Methodology and a comprehensive test strategy for providers Salient Features of the iTAP- • iTAP Test Data Management nSure10SM Solution accelerator integrates with nSure10SM Translator to generate ICD-10 data using Syntel’s iTAP provides a complete end-to-end existing ICD-9 data integration of processes and tools to enable • Regression optimization, including DELIVERING management of the end-to-end testing life a scientific tool-based model to select EXCELLENCE IN cycle for ICD-10. Key features include: the right set of test cases, and a risk- ICD-10 TESTING • An Impact Analyzer Dashboard for based testing (RBT) tool, to prioritize the• Remediation and QA providing methodical test estimates and execution of test cases testing for ICD-9 to schedule plans • Pair-wise testing tool, to optimize test ICD-10 migration for a • Easily customizable ICD-10 Test conditions large Healthcare provider; Scenario Repository • iTAP Automation and Performance this was for the patient • The Business Process and Test Framework assists in script less accounting areas, including Repository (BPTR) accelerator, which automation proration, payment uses Business Process Model (BPM) • Traceability matrix, with metrics to measure calculation, transaction based test design methodologies to the effectiveness of the test process maintenance, and billing maximize shelf life of the test artifacts and • Technology-agnostic tools that span alerts, as well as interfaces business knowledge, reducing test design mainframe, Web and .NET applications with Case Mix, ADS efforts by 50% and Concuity and other downstream applications• Implementation of an ICD- Business Benefits 10 specific system for a • Reduced duration of test assessment and impact analysis San Diego-based hospital; • Significant reduction in manual effort in test scenario preparation the project included • Maximum test coverage integration, UAT, business • Increased ROI by leveraging appropriate testing tools and accelerators partner testing and • Faster releases through reduced cycle time neutrality testing for 20+ products/applications For more information, visit Syntel online at www.syntelinc.com or call us at US/ +1 (248) 619-3503 UK/ +44 (0) 207-636-3587 © 2013, SYNTEL INC. 022013