The insurance industry is evolving to cater to a more informed, demanding, and
connected customer base. Providers need to ...
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Syntel's offerings for sap insurance


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Syntel's offerings for sap insurance

  1. 1. The insurance industry is evolving to cater to a more informed, demanding, and connected customer base. Providers need to establish a strong customer orientation, build deep relationships with customers and deliver products to market more quickly. As insurance becomes a commodity to a growing number of consumers, insurers must quickly adapt to the market. They need to administer policies across lines of business to gain a 360-degree view of the customer base. SAP Insurance provides simplified claims management, streamlines policy administration, and enhances operations. The world’s best-run insurance companies rely on SAP to help them improve performance and become more customer centric. Syntel’s Offerings for SAP Insurance Syntel’s Solution Syntel offers assessment, design and implementation of end-to-end claims management processes. Syntel’s services ensure seamless integration of policy management, payment transactions, as well as the front-end of mobile apps, external service providers and other systems. Syntel has proven insurance expertise and technical knowledge, and is staffed by skilled consultants that specialize in implementation, maintenance and development of SAP IS insurance modules. Syntel has proven expertise in SAP IS Insurance and has enabled life and non-life insurers with profitable claims infrastructure. Syntel leverages its SAP partnership to modernize claims systems and integrate them with other financial applications such as collection, disbursement (SAP FSCD) and finance and controlling (SAP FICO). SYNTEL DIFFERENTIATORS • Accelerated implementation • Analytics and Big Data integration • Mobile enablement for insurance • Proprietary insurance legacy modernization framework • Insurance BI/DW and analytics tools • IT partner of choice for major insurers in the U.S. and Europe • 45% of employees are insurance certified • Extensive experience in life and non-life insurance products • Ranked by IAOP as a Top 20 for Insurance Outsourcing Provider For more information, visit Syntel online at or call us at US/+1 (248) 619-3503, UK/+44 (0) 207-636-3587 © 2014, SYNTEL INC. 052014 Front End Systems External Systems Broker Portal CRM / SRM Customer Portal Mobile App Third Party Systems & Databases Policy Admin Incentive & Commissions Management SAP FS-CM (Claims Management System) Reinsurance Calculating Systems Settling System Business Support Systems Premiums Comm. Claims Premiums / Comm. / Claims SAP FSCD (Sub Ledger) Batch Online FICO Interface SAP FICO Accounting Management FI-GL Controlling Cash Management Financial Asset Management SAP FS-BP (Business Partner) Analytics – SAP BW (Business Intelligence) + HANA SAP NetWeaver Platform