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Syntel Testing Solutions

  1. 1. SynAppTest®: Syntel’sIntegrated TestingService Offering
  2. 2. Syntel’s Testing Services — SynAppTest® Mature Processes ―Testing CoE‖ Model Certified Professionals Quality Innovative testing frameworks, accelerators and tools Global Operational Domain driven testing and Delivery Efficiency business process repositories Reduce Total End-to-End Test Management Cost of Ownership Process Syntel enables clients to build Availability Efficiency next generation self- governing, self-sustaining Business testing ecosystems. ResponsivenessConfidential ©2010 Syntel, Inc.
  3. 3. ® SynAppTest – A Successful Growth Journey Evolution 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Project- Project Evolution of Testing SLA-based Domain Integrated iTAP Based Methodology Testing Center of Testing Focused Test powered Testing and Tool Models Excellence Testing Accelerators product, com Development and Test pliance and Accelerators domainService Offerings offerings QUICK FACTS  Trained testing professionals  State-of-the-art Test Competency Lab  Strong portfolio of service offerings  CoE driven Model  Customized training  Innovative platform and test accelerators  Innovative SLA-driven delivery models  Testing tools and domain product partnershipsConfidential ©2010 Syntel, Inc.
  4. 4. SynAppTest Service Portfolio STANDARD SPECIALIZED AUTOMATION DOMAIN TESTING SERVICES SERVICES TESTING  Integration Testing  Test Assessment  Regression  ICD 10 testing  System Testing  Testing CoE Automation  4010-5010  Migration Testing Implementation  Tool Implementation Conversion  Acceptance Testing  Test  Performance Testing  Revenue Cycle Data/environment  Load Testing Management  Compatibility Testing  ERP Testing  Stress Testing  Point-of-Sale Testing  Usability Testing  Metrics Management  Risk-Based Testing  Insurance Business  L10 and I18N Testing  Product Testing  Pairwise Testing Process Test Repository  Domain product testing framework Integrated Testing Accelerators Testing Process Framework Third-Party ToolsConfidential ©2010 Syntel, Inc.
  5. 5. Syntel Testing CaseStudies
  6. 6. Syntel CoE Based Testing Snapshots Testing Client Syntel Solution Results Type  Scalable CoE with 250+ staff Functional  20% reduction in test cases  SLA-driven engagement Testing  60% overall cost savings  Optimized model for automating critical GLOBAL applications Regression  Reduction in cycle cost from $92,000 to $9,000 for one LOGISTICS  Domain-based testing Testing business line COMPANY  24x7 coverage with dedicated offshore Business  Greater reliability through testing lab Process standardized test suites, custom  Offsite proximity center to ensure a risk free Testing (BPT) utilities and tools offshore transition  Created an automation framework for  60% reduction in average cycle critical apps, specifically those requiring Automated time vigorous regression tests Regression A LARGE U.S.  More stable/reliable  Custom tool to automate environment setup Testing environments streamlined client’s ISSUER &  Metrics engine ensures test status release schedules ACQUIRER communication sync among stakeholders Integration  Superior product quality through  Cross-functional, domain certified team Testing test bed, framework driven  Institutionalized creation of base test data automation and timely metrics Read more testing case studies here: ©2010 Syntel, Inc.
  7. 7. Syntel Project Based Testing Snapshots Testing Client Syntel Solution Results Type Functional  Established standardized QA and test  35% reduction in cost of Testing processes regression test bed execution LEADING  Automated data generation for input into Regression  80% offshore component HEALTHCARE regression scripts Testing  Efficient knowledge FIRM  Automated smoke tests implemented as a enhancement System quality gate  Reduced defect leakage to UAT Integration  Release Stability: More than  Business process-driven automation Functional 1,000 releases executed by framework: A phased automation approach Testing continuously minimizing the defect on the back of a business process-driven leakage. LARGE framework Regression  40% reduction in manual CREDIT  Performance Test Lab: Dedicated Testing regression test time through performance testing lab and process to automation RATING FIRM ensure releases are performance tested  Pool of experienced buffers to before production Performance handle ad hoc work requests & Load  Certified professional testing team Testing  99.9% of quality deliveries into production Read more testing case studies here: ©2010 Syntel, Inc.
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