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SyntekGlobal (Senthil +91 9886656057)


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SyntekGlobal Leader, Senthil, +91 9886656057

MLM BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY - by Syntek Global Inc. an 22 years old MNC company, 1st time in India launched a unique fuel additive "XFT " for Petrol and Diesel, with MLM business concept.

Increase vehicle mileage by 15%, reduces emmission by 30%. Reduce engine maintainance cost. Won ECO visionary award. EPA approved. Aplied for IDSA approval. Registed in MCA. 250% customer return.

8 types of Income plan. Looking for new MLM leaders in India to expand this business. Become first one start in your state and maintain top place.

Senthil, SyntekGlobal Leader

+91 9886656057

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SyntekGlobal (Senthil +91 9886656057)

  1. 1. Make MONEY with that Never Stops till people use DIESEL and PETROL!!!Right Time, Right Place and Right Company for Life Time opportunity J SenthilKumar SyntekGlobal Leader, India. +91 9886656057 Email: Skype : Syntek.Senthil
  2. 2. Welcome! SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057G E IT R IT HR IT IV .T Y .S A E . ™
  3. 3. IT T e S lu n ’S h o tio ! ™ SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057It’s Simple! It’s Convenient! It’s…
  4. 4. 5 S Op rtu ity tar p o n SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057 P wrd B oe y Product Management Compensation Timing Training ands Support
  5. 5. P d ct B G u d ro u ack ro n SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057
  6. 6. T e P d ct an T e F h ro u d h actsPatented and time tested for nearly two decades in industrialmarkets around the world! Never been released to the public until NOW! Xtreme Fuel Treatment is truly a break-through Fuel Treatment which produces results in 4 key categories: Fuel Savings Engine Life Emission Savings Increase Performance SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057
  7. 7. T e D re ce h iffe n SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057 What makes our product different? It is not a want ,It is a Need ..EPA Registered ¼ Oz per 20 gallons of fuel
  8. 8. XR M F e T atmn T E E u l re e t Fuel Stabilizer: Prolongs life of fuel Lubricants: Pumps, Injectors, Pistons 5 Detergents: Cleans and Maintains Demulsifier: Separates water from fuel Polymerization Retardants: Solid Formation Corrosion Inhibitor: Rust removalSenthilKumar . +91 9886656057
  9. 9. P OE fo Oe 2 Yars R VN r v r 0 e SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057XFT has logged over 2.5 Billion miles (4 Billion Kilometres) of operation. Thisequates to over 65 million hours of successful engine operation.It is amazingly effective and perfectly safe. During the entire history of XFTbeing used throughout the world, no damages to engines or equipment haveever been shown or proven to Prolong the working life of your engine Improve your fuel economy Increase overall horsepower and performance Reduce emissions significantly
  10. 10. XR M Savings TE E SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057An Example of Fuel Economy IntroducinXFT Qty Added to Fuel Fuel Saved If Cost of saved Cost of FXT Amount saved Per g Qty 15% fuel fuel Ltr economy5ml 37 Ltr 5.5 Ltr Rs385 Rs 150 Rs 6.35XFTXFT Not only Saves Money at Pump but also saves moneyby prolonging engine life and reducing down time .It alsoimproves over all Horsepower and Performance andreduces Emission significantly
  11. 11. T e C me satio h o pn n 8 W s to E B ay arn ig Mn y o e! 1. Customer Commissions 2. Fast Start Bonus 3. Infinity Bonus Program 4. Team Commissions 5. MVP Check Match Commissions 6. MVP Rank Bonuses 7. Leadership Bonus Pools 8. Multiple Business Centers SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057
  12. 12. 1 C sto e C missio . u mr o m n SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057A distributor who is enrolled in the minimum Retail Bonus Autoshipearns 25% commission each month on personally sponsoredcustomer purchases.Must have a minimum PV Rs 1250 Customer Commission= Example Rs(3000+5000+10000) X 25% = Rs 4500 You Customer Customer Customer Purchase Purchase Purchase Rs 3000 Rs 5000 Rs 10000
  13. 13. 2.Fast Start Bonus SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057There are 3 Starter Kits $25 (Rs 1250 ) bonus for the purchase of an Beginner Starter Infinity Starter Kit (298 PV) Kit: (100 PV) = Rs 8768) $50 ( Rs 2500 ) bonus for the purchase of an MVP Business Builder Kit (598 PV) PRO Starter Kit: Your Fast Start Bonus =$25 (250 PV)= Rs 17321 You + $ 25 =$ 50=Rs 2500 For example you sponsored 2 distributors MVP Starter Kit: with Beginner (500 PV) = Rs 34031 Starter Kit If you sponsor more distributors the income will rise significantly
  14. 14. 3.Infinity Bonus $ 25/$ 50 SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057Infinity BonusEach of your ‘Power Team’ (third, fourth, fifth, etc. personally sponsored) members will now start building their personal ‘Pro Teams’ bysponsoring their first two team members. You earn an Infinity Bonus on all these Pro Team members that purchase a MVP Business BuilderKit or Infinity Starter Kit down your Power Team legs, infinitely deep.$50 bonus for the purchase of an MVP Business Builder Kit Example:$25 bonus for the purchase of an Pro Starter Kit Your Power team have 4 You distributors joined with Pro Starter .So your infinity Bonus = $ 25 X 4= $ 100=Pro Team Power Team Rs 5000 25 $ 25 $ 25 $ 25 $ INFINITY!!!
  15. 15. 4 e mC missio s 1% o Le r le .Ta o m n 0 f sse g Example : You 50 PV 50 PV 100 PV 10% 1 Commission on Lesser Leg Volume 100 PV 2 200 PV 250 PV 3 50 PV 100 PV50 PV 150 PV Total GV: 1100 (Greater Leg) Total GV: 1000 (Lesser Leg) Team Commission= 10 % of 1000 (Lesser Leg))= $100 $ * 50= Rs 5000 SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057
  16. 16. 5 V C e M B n s 6 to 8 % u to 7ge e n de p .MP h ck atch o u p n ratio eExecutive Generations This program allows you to earn a percentage of the team commissions (6-8%) Paid paid to all the distributors you personally sponsor, the distributors they sponsor, Ranks and so on up to seven generations deep of MVP ranked distributors in your Pearl 1 Enrollment Tree legs Starts from Pearl Jade 2 For Example –You are in the RankSapphire 3 Pearl. Ruby 4 You have 2 Pearl in your Enrollment treeEmerald 5 YouDiamond 6 Now you will get a check match bonus = 8% of 2 pearls check amount Blue 7Diamond If the check amount of 2 pearls = 1000 X D1 D2 D3 2=2000 $ Your MVP Check Match Commission = 2000 x 8%= $ 160 X 50= Rs 8000 1st Generation Pearl If you are in Rank Jade you are eligible for MVP CMB for 2 levels i.e Pearl and Jade.. Jade Pearl When you are in Blue Diamond and above you are eligible for CMB for all Ranks from Pearl to Blue diamond. 2nd Generation 1st Generation SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057
  17. 17. 6 ad rsh B n se .Le e ip o u sa)Customer/Non distributors c)Blue Diamond Leadership PoolSponsorship Pool 1% of Syntek’s revenue of Syntek’s revenue shared with qualified shared with ALL Blue Diamonds!! qualified Customers according to shares As a qualified Blue Diamond, you 5 Customer the pool earned in = 1 Share can earn a share in this pool for each of your personal Enrollment 10 Customers = 2 Shares Tree Legs that contain a 15 Customers = 3 Shares distributor with the ‘paid as’ rank Leadership of Ruby MVP or above. 25 Customers = 5 Shares Bonus Poolsb) Distributor Sponsorship Pool of Syntek’s revenue 1% shared with ALL qualified Distributors according to shares earned in the pool
  18. 18. 7 V R n B n se .MP a k o u s! SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057Distributors that reach and maintain the following MVP levelranks for TWO consecutive months qualify for these bonuses: Sapphire• - Custom Syntek Global Watch Ruby• - A 47” Flat Screen TVEmerald• - Leadership Fly-In to Corporate Office Diamond• - Custom Syntek Global Diamond WatchBlue Diamond• - $500 allowance for Car Program
  19. 19. 8.Multiple Business CentersA Business Center is your personal Binary Tree. As your Binary Treegrows, you can earn a maximum of four business centers - your initialcenter plus three additional centers. (PV is only required on onebusiness center.)Each business center potentially earns $40,000 per monthly cycle in teamcommissions from the lesser volume leg.Distributors are awarded a second business center when the GV in the lesservolume leg of their initial business center reaches $400,000. A third andfourth business center is awarded when the GV of the previous businesscenter’s lesser volume leg also reaches $400,000.Only one greater leg of a minimum 400,000 volume is required allowing youto build 4 lesser legs of 400,000 or more. You must maintain a Blue DiamondMVP rank to earn commissions on multiple business centers. SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057
  20. 20. SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057 “The average person goes to work. The wealthy build networks,” – Robert Kiyosaki “If there is a rich person inside you ready to comeout… start looking for a Network Marketing business with a great training program that emphasizes personal growth.” – Donald Trump
  21. 21. F lfill Yu D am u o r re s SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057 It’ s Your L ife!!!
  22. 22. Gttin S d e g tarte ! SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057Beginner Starter Kit: $99(Rs 6000) (50 PV) - Kit Includes:(3) 2 oz(177 ml) . bottles, training manual, and salesbrochures.PRO Starter Kit: $298 (Rs 15000) (250 PV) - Kit Includes:(10) 2 oz.(591 ml ) bottles, 12 Foil Packs of XFT, trainingmanual, and sales brochures.25% customer bonus/team commissions/infinity bonus • $25Sponsor BonusMVP Starter Kit: $598 (Rs 30000) (500 PV) - Kit Includes:(20) 2 oz. (1183 ml) bottles, 36 Foil Packs of XFT, trainingmanual, sales brochures, and promotional materials.25%customer bonus/team commissions/check match/infinitybonus • $50 Sponsor Bonus25% customer bonus / team commissions • $10Sponsor Bonus
  23. 23. Future Belongs to those who seethe possibility before it becomesobvious. Get Started ! Set Your Goal ! Take action !!! SenthilKumar . +91 9886656057 What is your Goal in 2012 ??? ..Let us start a Journey of Success together….
  24. 24. Make MONEY with that Never Stops till people use DIESEL and PETROL!!!THANK YOU – Contact me for Details J SenthilKumar SyntekGlobal Leader, India. +91 9886656057 Email: Skype : Syntek.Senthil