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Synonyme.Net Services Eng 2009


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A Presentation of our Services

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Synonyme.Net Services Eng 2009

  1. 1. SYNONYME.NET Dual direct translation/interpretation services SPECIALISED TRANSLATIONS - Financial translation - Software/website localisation CONFERENCE INTERPRETERS SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING VIA TELECONFERENCE AUDIOVISUAL SERVICES With over 20 years of experience, SYNONYME.NET offers: The rapid response time of an SME Innovative services, such as interpreting via teleconference: to save you both time and money Out-of-hours service Fast turnaround - Full quotations with delivery time delivered within the hour - Up to 500 words: delivery in 2 hours (press releases, etc.) - Up to 4,000 words: 1 business day - Up to 18,000 words: 4 business days 1 SYNONYME.NET – Paseo de la Ermita 2, 28023 MADRID – (0034) 91 307 92 03 –
  2. 2. I) SPECIALISED TRANSLATION (Finance, software localisation, etc.) SYNONYME.NET responds to the needs of its clients with a customised service perfectly tailored to their specific translation requirements. Our project managers work closely with each client, providing a comprehensive service that ranges from translation (internal/confidential documents, websites, etc.) to final delivery of the document (DTP, etc.). Why entrust us with your translations? 1) Rigorously selected translators: a) Qualified translators from the most prestigious colleges and universities and are similarly endorsed by professional associations (AICE, AIIC, ATA, ESIT, and FIT1). As a general rule, our translators have also completed additional complementary studies in economics, finance, science, etc. b) Native speakers of the target language => not only are native speakers able to faithfully convey the meaning and style of the source text, they also have the ability to produce seamless translations that read like original texts. c) Residents of the target-language country => who better qualified to translate an annual report from English to Chinese than a Chinese economist residing in China? Or a translator working on an advertising campaign who must take into account the cultural values of the country in which he or she lives? 2) Strict quality control With 20 years of experience, SYNONYME.NET can guarantee optimal reliability while minimising human error: a) What does “quality” mean to us? The first step involves ensuring the consistency of the terminology used from one project to the next, irrespective of the departments involved (communications, marketing, human resources, investor relations), the requested language pairs and the content provided: 1 AICE: Spanish Association of Conference Interpreters; AIIC: International Association of Conference Interpreters; ATA: American Translators Association; ESIT: École supérieure d'interprètes et de traducteurs; FIT: International Federation of Translators 2 SYNONYME.NET – Paseo de la Ermita 2, 28023 MADRID – (0034) 91 307 92 03 –
  3. 3. - We draw on the information contained on your website to adapt to the realities of your business and its development in linguistic terms - We create style guides and glossaries that are systematically inspected and approved by our clients - We keep a record of our communications with each client over the course of the project b) Dialogue with the client to ensure synthesis between the terms proposed by SYNONYME.NET and those used internally and externally by the client. c) In-house project managers who monitor all projects and ensure that our translations meet the quality standards and deadlines demanded by the client. The project manager is your privileged point of contact. d) Reactivity SYNONYME.NET believes that offering the fastest possible response time is an inherent part of quality: - Immediate processing of your order: acknowledgement via e-mail (all orders are processed immediately, regardless of volume) - Full quotation and delivery time delivered within the hour - Approximate delivery times subject to volume: Up to 500 words: two hours => ideal for press releases Up to 4,000 words: within one working day Up to 18,000 words: within four working days - Around-the-clock service: e-mail and phone numbers are provided for 24-hour availability e) Quality Assurance: we will contact you to ensure you are fully satisfied with the translation and to address any comments you may have with a view to establishing a long-term relationship. f) Privacy: we enter into confidentiality agreements with all of our clients. 3 SYNONYME.NET – Paseo de la Ermita 2, 28023 MADRID – (0034) 91 307 92 03 –
  4. 4. We convey our quality through a broad range of languages and translation services 1) Specialised translation: press releases, periodicals, trade magazines, advertising, annual reports, contracts, websites, technical manuals, etc. 2) Software/website localisation: we adapt your programme/website to the destination country. This process is not restricted to the mere translation of content – it also involves linguistic adaptation. 3) DTP: we adapt the translated document content to the format of the original one. 4) Sworn Translations 5) Last-minute content updates and modifications without additional charge. 6) Transcriptions of recordings. We minimise the risk of accidental errors by anticipating potential problems. Our clients value the security of knowing that whatever problems may arise, our capacity to react and produce a positive final result is always exceptional. 4 SYNONYME.NET – Paseo de la Ermita 2, 28023 MADRID – (0034) 91 307 92 03 –
  5. 5. II) CONFERENCE INTERPRETERS Would you trust an unknown interpreter with your Chairman’s address? You only notice the quality of an interpreter’s work when it fails to meet the standards required. As meetings progress, content becomes more complex and dialogue more intricate. It is at this point that the interpreter’s groundwork and preparation come into play, along with his/her ability, or lack thereof, to adapt. The same is true of audiovisual presentations, video conferences and audio/video broadcasts on the Internet, etc. Quality is a factor that goes unnoticed until a problem occurs. When a mistake is made, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Quality is an essential factor in every single phase of the process. The price difference between an amateur unable to guarantee quality and a professional interpreter with the ability to overcome any problem can actually amount to very little. Why should you entrust with your interpretations? 1) Rigorously selected conference interpreters: We employ graduates with degrees from Europe’s leading universities and colleges (ESIT, ETI, Georgetown, a) Heriot-Watt and ICADE2). b) Our interpreters are all specialists in their chosen fields. Our interpreters meet AIIC, AICE, ATA and FIT interpreting standards, etc. c) d) Our interpreters have extensive experience in international conferences, industry congresses, results presentations via Webcast or audio conference, annual general meetings, financial and corporate meetings, etc. 2) A direct relationship with our interpreters: 2 ESIT: École supérieure d'interprètes et de traducteurs; ETI: School of Translation and Interpretation; FIT: International Federation of Translators 5 SYNONYME.NET – Paseo de la Ermita 2, 28023 MADRID – (0034) 91 307 92 03 –
  6. 6. In accordance with the required language combinations and subject areas, SYNONYME.NET provides a real- time list of available interpreters who have the necessary profile for the job. How is this beneficial to you? If you have to alter the dates of an event at short notice, we can reorganise our team immediately without affecting output quality. 3) Our operating principles: a) We never employ the relay system3 and are therefore able to convey 100% of the information. b) We work in both two-way and one-way booths, depending on the languages used at your meeting. c) All our interpreters are fluent speakers of Spanish and English. => The quality of our interpreting services is founded upon the knowledge that we have of our working environment and our ability to build a project-oriented team. Simultaneous interpreting equipment that custom-adapts to your event Portable interpreting systems (infoports) What is a portable interpreting system? It is a piece of equipment that allows the interpreter to provide simultaneous interpretation for listeners. At what type of meetings is it used? At meetings of up to 20 people where simultaneous interpreting is required, but where an interpreting booth proves impractical. These systems may be used for: Guided visits to factories • Cultural shows and exhibitions • Training courses, etc • -{}- Press Conferences • Interpreting booths 3 As opposed to direct interpreting, the relay method involves the translation of the words of another interpreter. The use of relay interpreting is not acceptable in English as it can lead to a large number of transmission errors caused by the fact that the interpreter is not working from the original language. As a result, service quality is often affected. 6 SYNONYME.NET – Paseo de la Ermita 2, 28023 MADRID – (0034) 91 307 92 03 –
  7. 7. When should interpreting booths be used? SYNONYME.NET recommends the use of booths at meetings attended by over 20 people. Booths can be used for: General meetings • Press conferences • Product presentations • International conferences • Audiovisual services tailored to your needs Professional image and sound services Video projection, simultaneous interpreting equipment, professional sound services, conference systems, lighting, video production, etc. We adapt to your event-related needs. 7 SYNONYME.NET – Paseo de la Ermita 2, 28023 MADRID – (0034) 91 307 92 03 –
  8. 8. III) SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING VIA TELECONFERENCE This service offers a number of advantages: 1) Practical: provides a secure way of staging simultaneous talks in your native language with clients, employees, suppliers, investors or anyone else, from any location. This on-demand service can be requested on just two hours’ notice. 2) Real-time broadcast: saves time and ensures your peace-of-mind in knowing that the translation remains true to the original. 3) Pre-recorded: pre-recorded broadcasts of the event available for those who were unable to attend (time differences, etc.). 4) Cost-effective: teleconferencing saves you travelling costs and time, thereby improving productivity. 5) Easy to use: there’s no need to invest in equipment - all you need is a telephone line. 6) Immediate availability: you can set up a conference at a moment’s notice using the password that we provide to you. => We bring people together virtually, wherever they are in the world, helping them to interact with each other and share information in the most cost-effective way: 8 SYNONYME.NET – Paseo de la Ermita 2, 28023 MADRID – (0034) 91 307 92 03 –