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Samme references


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Published in: Art & Photos
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Samme references

  1. 1. References
  2. 2. I like the darkness of this film, sets up for a darker tone which shows my own film’s style well, and I like the overexposure in the frame.
  3. 3. Evil Dead (2005) Game Similar to Silent Hill, I like the dark lighting and overexposure in this and think that this shows the style of my film well.
  4. 4. Fight Club (1999) Film I think that the storyline for both my film and Fight Club is similar. I like the contrast, lighting and colour grading used in this film – I think this represents my own film’s style well.
  5. 5. The Double (2014) Film I think the plot line for both my film and this film is similar. I like the style of this film and think my film can be shown through this one by editing.
  6. 6. Black Swan (2010) Film I love everything about this film. I think what links to my own film and this film together is the style and mood of Black Swan and the editing.
  7. 7. Enemy (2013) Film One of the final shots in our film is similar to this and both have a dark style to them.
  8. 8. 30 Seconds to Mars – The Kill (Music Video) One of the final shots in our film is similar to this and both films have a darker style and have influenced our film