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What's New in Lync 2013


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See what's new in Lync 2013.

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What's New in Lync 2013

  1. 1. Video gallery HD video or high resolution photos of attendees H.264 SVC support Presenter controls to optimize for meeting type Participant selected views Single unified client experience across workloads Lync Windows 8 immersive experience optimized for touch Mobile client experiences designed for the device Lync Web App for browser access to meetings Communicate with anyone on Skype Presence Instant Messaging Peer to peer voice Communicate directly from within Office Single identity Shared contact card OneNote Share
  2. 2. Lync is familiar and engaging, across a variety of devices and platforms
  3. 3. Lync is familiar and engaging, across a variety of devices and platforms
  4. 4. Lync is familiar and engaging, across a variety of devices and platforms
  5. 5. Connect people, communications and the applications they use everyday
  6. 6. Connect people, communications and the applications they use everyday
  7. 7. Connect people, communications and the applications they use everyday
  8. 8. Communicate with hundreds of millions of people with presence, IM and voice
  9. 9. Enable and improve mobile productivity Communicate in real time with colleagues, customers and partners from virtually anywhere Enable new ways of collaboration with voice & video using a single unified client Share ideas and keep teams in sync Reduce costs related to video conferencing, telephony and travel Reduce costs through simplification and consolidation Manage with common and familiar tools Reduce total cost of ownership with integration and shared infrastructure Accelerate adoption of online services Reduce IT operations costs Enables a path to unified communications – following a customer’s blueprint
  10. 10. Lync-to-PSTN callingLync-to-Lync calling Enterprise calling features On-site networking
  11. 11. Easy-to-use features
  12. 12. Network health monitor Fast in-call device switching
  13. 13. Completely integrated PSTN) dialing !
  14. 14. Customer Site Switch: Port: 6/29 3910 163rd Ave NE #3222 Redmond, WA 98052 SIP Trunk NENA i2 E911 service provider Circuit ELIN Gateway to PSTN Carrier
  15. 15. Advanced call handling
  16. 16. Supported Languages for Call Treatment Catalan French - France Chinese - China German Chinese - Hong Kong Italian Chinese - Taiwan Japanese Danish Korean Dutch Norwegian English - Australia Polish English - Canada Portuguese - Brazilian English - Great Britain Portuguese - Portugal English - US Russian English - India Spanish - Mexico Finnish Spanish - Spain French - Canada Swedish
  17. 17. Feature Lync Online Lync Server Peer to Peer & PSTN calling, Emergency Dialing, Voice Mail.   Call hold, Transfer, Forwarding, Delegation & Team Calling   IP Phones, USB Peripherals & Mobile call via work   Direct SIP Interoperability with on-premises PBX  Private Line, Analog Devices, Common Area Phones,  Analog Devices, Enhanced 911  Call Parking, Unassigned Number Handling  Call Center Integration & Response Groups  Network Resiliency, Call Admission Control 
  18. 18. Replace the PBX
  19. 19. Online Scheduled On premises Spontaneous
  20. 20. Face-to-face without travel time Desktopvideocallingisconvenientandsimplertouse. People are a more visible part of the experience, represented in HD pictures or video. Conversations feel human. Motion bring conversations to life; animations and effects make the experience fluid. Colleagues or Lync federated contacts are easily identified as “video ready” and can be called directly from the buddy list. Connect Lync users and to those who have access to video systems in a conference room.
  21. 21. Present to audiences, large and small, with confidence Meeting organizers and presenters control access to Lync Meetings with ease. Lync provides useful views and transitions between people and content. Presenters can confidently control how they appear and what is shown to others. Controls do not overwhelm the presenter or audience, distractions are kept to a minimum. Video can be used confidently.
  22. 22. Collaborate with people down the hall and across the globe You can see and collaborate on content in real time with people in different locations. Conversation views are fluid and flexible. Responsive motion enables natural discussion among others in the room or teleworking.
  23. 23. Share documents before, during and after meetings OneNote enables new ways to collaborate in meetings. You can easily present your documents in meetings.
  24. 24. Scheduled or spontaneous Acceleratethecommunication cyclesthatareavitalpartof everydaybusinessenablinginstantmessaging,voiceand videocallingandspontaneousLyncMeetings directlyfrom withinOutlook,SharePointandotherbusinessapplications. ScheduleLyncMeetingsfromOutlook,OutlookWebApp (OWA)orLyncwebschedulerinordertosharecontentand documents,videoandvoiceviaasingleunifiedclient.
  25. 25. Multiparty HD video conferencing
  26. 26. Multiparty HD video Conferencing
  27. 27. Presenter and participant controls
  28. 28. Content and application sharing
  29. 29. Integration with Office Apps
  30. 30. Logo URL to customer-hosted logo icon Help URL to customer-hosted help/ support page Legal disclaimer URL to customer-hosted legal information page Custom footer text
  31. 31. Consolidate multiple vendor services and solutions Single unified client for all conferencing – scheduled & spontaneous Lync Meetings are accessible to all information workers Escalate a simple IM or phone call to a Lync Meeting anytime Initiate Lync Meetings directly from within Outlook, SharePoint and other business apps Share PowerPoint and Word documents directly from within the apps Quickly join and contribute from anywhere Confidently create and lead a meeting Multiparty HD video conferencing brings life and expression to Lync Meetings Join Lync Meetings from multiple types of smartphone and tablet form factor devices Browser-based meeting client for rapid access to scheduled meetings Joining a Lync Meeting requires only a single click or touch