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Stay Ahead in a Fierce Telco Landscape with Data Integrity

  1. Stay Ahead in a Fierce Telecom Landscape with Data Integrity Ruslan Sultanov | Product Marketing Manager, Telco Solutions
  2. Today’s topics: • What is data integrity? • Why is data integrity important for digital transformation in telecom? • How you can get on a path to achieving data integrity Data Integrity for Telco 2
  3. Exploding need for trusted data 83% of CEOs want their organization to be more data-driven Digital transformation investments to top $6.8 trillion globally by 2023 68% of Fortune 1000 businesses now have CDOs – up 6x in the last decade Global data infrastructure spending expected to reach $200 billion this year Data is the fuel for decision-making today 3 IDC IDC Gartner Forbes Data Integrity for Telco
  4. Source: Corinium Intelligence 2021 73% say a lack of technology or services to facilitate data integration is creating challenges for their teams 82% say data quality concerns represent a barrier to their digital transformation projects 80% find it challenging to ensure data is enriched at scale consistently 82% say deploying accessible location data across their enterprises is challenging There’s still work to do 4
  5. What is Data Integrity? Data integrity is the quality, reliability, trustworthiness, and completeness of a data set – providing accuracy, consistency, and context. 5
  6. Digital transformation in Telco relies on data 5G planning and rollout Determine the optimal placement of 5G base stations and the allocation of network resources. Connectivity initiatives Identify areas that lack adequate service and to develop a plan for deploying new broadband infrastructure. Subscriber experience Gain insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and needs, and use this information to offer more personalized and tailored services. Network optimization Optimize network performance, identifying areas where network traffic is heaviest, and adjusting resources accordingly. CSPs cannot offer new digital services without the proper investments in their networks and their internal business processes. But to be where the demand is tomorrow, there needs to be an investment in data today. – IDC 6 Source: 5G Network Slicing and the Future of Connectivity, IDC, 2022
  7. Data Integrity for Telco Journey to data integrity 1 Integrate all enterprise data 2 Ensure data quality 3 Build a holistic data governance framework 4 Bring essential context 7
  8. 8 Examples of value in telecommunications: • Extend the value of legacy systems while making operational data available • Unify departments, making decisions using consistent information • Leverage modern cloud-based platforms to streamline processes and reduce costs Modernize your infrastructure for the cloud, eliminate data siloes, and automate processes Data Integration Data Integrity for Telco
  9. 9 Examples of value in telecommunications: • Ensure data is easily understood and trusted • Streamline regulatory compliance • Accelerate mergers and acquisitions Build data quality into your data- centric processes to ensure accuracy and consistency Data Quality Data Integrity for Telco
  10. 10 Examples of value in telecommunications: • Increase accuracy in the delivery of subscriber services and reporting on data findings • Effectively unlock the real potential of data • Ensure data is easily understood and trusted Build data governance into your data-centric processes to ensure accuracy and consistency Data Governance Data Integrity for Telco
  11. How data drives the business REPORTING & COMPLIANCE ANALYTICS & INSIGHTS OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Data protection Risk and fraud Privacy Regulatory/FCC compliance RDOF Reporting Internal reporting Safety Determining Serviceability Network Buildout (5G) Confirming mailability Customer retention Buying patterns Customer 360° view Optimize working capital Enhance customer care Improve product traceability Reduce attrition Lower operating expenses Facilitate M&A Data Integrity for Telco 11
  12. 12 Examples of value in telecommunications: • Analyze coverage areas, and plan network expansions based on demand and usage patterns • Identify areas with poor signal strength or slow data speeds and take proactive measures to improve service • Enable targeted marketing campaigns, personalized messaging, and better subscriber engagement Bring essential context to business decisions with location intelligence and data enrichment Context Data Integrity for Telco
  13. Data Enrichment Context makes perfect • Business name • SIC codes • Trade division • Brand hierarchy : • Square footage • Elevation • High • Low • Building type • Name • ID • Boundary • Neighborhoods • Postal • County • Congressional districts • MCD • Drive – Time & Distances • Walk – Time & Distances • Shopping Centers • Hospitals • School Boundaries • Home owner • Tax address • Year built • Number of stories • Vacancy • Elevation • Complete and standardized address • Property type • Primary or secondary address • Estimates and projections • Population • Household • Socio-economic • Consumer vitality Data Integrity for Telco 13
  14. LOCATION QUALITY GOVERNANCE ENRICHMENT INTEGRATION Your unique data integrity journey will reflect your Business needs Data Integrity Data integrity is a journey 14 • Every journey to data integrity is unique and driven by business initiatives • Market trends are accelerating the need for data integrity • You need to address needs across the data integrity journey Data Integrity for Telco
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