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Metadata Will Not Govern Itself – Metadata Governance

  1. Susan Pawlak Senior Manager Product Marketing, Precisely How Organized is Your Data Workshop?
  2. Introduction Susan Pawlak Senior Manager Product Marketing, Precisely
  3. Considerations for organizing your Data Workshop 1 How can I find the data I need? Intuitive business-friendly data catalog to discover critical assets What is the impact & where did it come from? Data impact, lineage, and relationships for greater insights How must this data be managed? Internal & external data policy management to ensure compliance and reduce risk 4 Can I trust my data? Data quality & observability to increase confidence in data-driven decisions 6 What is my single source of truth? Master data management provides a trusted system of record 5 How can I get access? Accountability and improved operational responsivity for more timely insights 2 3
  4. 5 Modern Data Workshop Requirements Cross-functional teams collaborate and understand the full lifecycle of data pipelines in a single solution Critical metadata and master data easily cataloged, discovered, and managed Robust data access, quality & observability capabilities seamlessly integrated
  5. Data Integrity in your data workshop Data integrity is data with maximum accuracy, consistency, and context for confident business decision-making Data Integrity
  6. Precisely offers leading data integrity capabilities Change Data Capture ETL Machine Data Integration Process Automation Data Governance Data Catalog Data Quality Data Observability Master Data Management Geo Addressing Spatial Analysis Spatial Visualization Desktop Mapping Street & Address Data Postal & Admin Boundaries Points of Interest Data Demographic Data Risk Data Integrated Comms Personalized Video Chatbots Responsive Messaging Digital Self Service Integrate Verify Locate Enrich Engage Strategic Services
  7. The leader in data integrity Our software, data enrichment products and strategic services deliver accuracy, consistency, and context in your data, powering confident decisions. of the Fortune 100 99 countries 100 2,500 employees customers 12,000 Brands you trust, trust us Data leaders partner with us
  8. Thank you! Contact Us Sales: 1 (877) 700 0970

Editor's Notes

  1. Thank you for joining us today. My name is Susan Pawlak, I am the Sr Manager of Product Marketing for Precisely. I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about your data workshop…
  2. Ok, so maybe you don’t actually call it your data workshop – but let’s face it. With the huge volumes of data we are working with today, Structured & unstructured data internal, external and third-party data sources and ever evolving systems and applications that make up your data ecosystem this picture can sum up what your data workshop may sometimes look like – Or at least FEEL like. So what are some of the requirements for organizing your data workshop?
  3. In your workshop, every journey to data integrity is unique and driven by your business initiatives Market trends are accelerating the need for data integrity Precisely can help you at every step of your data integrity journey
  4. Integrate: Modernize your infrastructure for the cloud, eliminate data siloes, and automated business processes Verify: Build dg and quality into your data-centric processes to ensure accuracy and consistency Locate: Leverage the location information inherent in your data for more sophisticated analytics and actionable insights Enrich: Complement your core business data with expertly curated datasets to add critical context and increase value Engage: Create seamless, personalized and omnichannel communications on any medium, any time Today we talked about how core capabilities in the verify space are REQUIREMENTS to organize your data workshop – but Precisely’s
  5. Seed questions: Are your solutions always bundled, or can I add them as needed?