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Blasting Nozzles


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Trideep Raj Bhandari
Synco Industries Limited

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Blasting Nozzles

  1. 1. Synborcano™ Nozzles for Blast CleaningSynborcano™ Boron carbide nozzles are most long lasting when used forfiring abrasive blasting medias like aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, steelshots / grit, glass beads etc. A durable aluminium outer jacket, with integral 50mm contractor thread, forms the body of the nozzle.Synborcano™ Pressure Blasting SeriesPressure Blasting Series Synborcano™ Nozzles not only utilize the same fine19mm (3/4”) thread as the Short Series nozzles, but also feature a longer,venturi style design.Being a venturi type nozzle, the Medium Series Nozzles provide much higherabrasive velocities than straight bore nozzles along with wider blast patterns.These features ensure much faster cleaning rates, while allowing the MediumSeries Nozzles to be used with smaller capacity blast pots, using only 12.5mm(1/2”) blast hose.Synborcano™ Suction/Wet Blasting SeriesSuction/Wet Boron Carbide nozzles have inner liner and an aluminium outersleeve, incorporating a 3/4" (19mm) straight thread, for connection to thenozzle holder.These Blast Nozzles may also be utilized for spot blasting small areas or weldseams if the blast pattern from a venturi nozzle would be inappropriate andwasteful due to its size. For More Details Contact Us At SYNCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED 16-A (III), Heavy Industrial Area, Jodhpur - 342 005 Cell: +91 - 9214407021 Tel: +91 - 291 - 2741571/671 Fax: +91 - 291 - 2742557 Email: Web: