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What about the Servers? by @jmons


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Having your application know where your consumers are is only part of the problem. A well-defined location strategy around services is a must for truly integrated (and therefore invaluable) mobile solutions.

About James

James is an engineer who’s really into providing high quality, useful applications and services , using modern innovative technology such as NFC, BLE and other cool things. His background is low level programming and services but has been known to dabble in most mobile OS applications.

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What about the Servers? by @jmons

  1. 1. Location Aware Services James Taylor / @jmons
  2. 2. Proxama – Location Services Setting the Scene You can use Geo location tools for a mobile phone to know where it is But sometimes this doesn’t work, either because its not accurate enough, or because you have no signal inside, or its just too slow, or battery intensive (geofencing). A lot of applications require ‘hyper local’, even more accurate then GPS. Basically I want to know when you stand at a set of checkouts which checkout you went to. Proxama use infrastructure to ‘tell’ a mobile device where it is, to give it a hint. This is in the form of NFC tags, QR codes, or BLE beacons. So I’m going to show a case study:
  3. 3. Proxama – Location Services Proxama Press Release about Diageo:
  4. 4. Proxama – Location Services
  5. 5. Proxama – Location Services Its Simple! Lets just put a [NFC] tag behind the harp, and then you can tap the harp and cool stuff will happen.
  6. 6. Proxama – Location Services Devil is in the Detail We already knew about We had to learn about • • • • • • • • Lifecycle of a ‘Tag’ Security and Locking Writing a lot of tags Tag failure rates Lifecycle of a Font Lifespan of a Font Where are the pubs The relationship between Diageo and the Pubs
  7. 7. Maintaining User Generated Content There hasn’t been a Bakers Oven in Norwich for 3 years? Does that matter? There is a Bakery at this location, anyone searching for it will still get a sticky bun.
  8. 8. Proxama – Location Services Font Manufacturer in China Desktop Issuer (aka ‘Magic’) Issuance Partner Installation Engineers In the Pub! Engineer ‘QA’ Tool The Guinness App TapPoint™
  9. 9. Proxama – Location Services
  10. 10. Proxama – Location Services
  11. 11. BTW… Proxama is hiring email (and mention my name) James Taylor / @jmons