Social Media...Why Bother?


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Presentation given with lots of stats on social media usage in Ireland and reasons why you need to use to use Social Media to promote your business.

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Social Media...Why Bother?

  1. 1. Social Media...Why bother? Presented by Carole Smith, SynNeo ITM Ireland Forum 20 Nov 2012
  2. 2. Ireland Online• 80% of all Irish people are online | EU average 66%• Top 10 most visited sites in Ireland 1. 2. 3. 4. YouTube 5. Wikipedia 6. 7. LinkedIn 8. Window 9. Twitter 10. Allied Irish BanksSource: Alexa
  3. 3. Ireland on Social Media“People on social media have too much time on their hands” ~ SME business owner 250k Twitter 2.2m Facebook 750k LinkedIn (estimated)
  4. 4. Irish Businesses on Social MediaSource: Amas
  5. 5. Ireland on Facebook• 2.2m users in Ireland• 49% penetration of population• 74% penetration of online population• 70% of Irish Facebook users return daily• 25-34 year olds account for 30% of Irish Facebook usersSources: IAB/PwC study
  6. 6. Ireland Online Advertising Spend+ 12.8% increase by 2Q12 to €73.2m- 6.7% decrease in Ad spend in traditional media for the same periodSources: Nielsen’s A2/M2 Three scan report | Silicon Republic Online Advertising
  7. 7. SMEs on Social Media43%Spend 6+ hours on social media a week Social Media Budgets are on the rise 66% Of small businesses are spending more on social media, compared to a year agoSource: Silicon Republic 2012
  8. 8. Is Social Media a Fad?Social Media allows you to:• Have real-time engagement with customers• Build strong brand awareness• Reach markets previously untapped“Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate” - Erik Qualman
  9. 9. Goals...what goals?Up to 72% of businesses have no strategy or goals in place for social mediaWhat’s yours? – Increase market size – Lead generation – New sales – Brand awareness – Customer satisfactionStudy conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  10. 10. Who will manage your Social Media? “My nephew he knows all about social media!”Social Media is neither magical or mysticalIt’s just another marketing tool
  11. 11. The Savvy Online MarketerIs• Relevant, consistent, authentic and online when their customers are• Provides content their customers want...not what they believe they want• Thinks like the customer...or being the customer
  12. 12. The Buyer ExperienceLogic makes your customer think, emotion or desire makes them buy Talk Attention Opinion Zone of Interest influence Use Desire Action (buy)
  13. 13. Your Customers are feeling ignored 70% of Brands are ignoring their FansWho owns your social media ...Your marketing or customer service department?Source: Image: Dave Sabol
  14. 14. Most Socially Devoted Brands KLM is the most socially devoted airlineSource:
  16. 16. Identify Risks Reputational Legal / Privacy Operational Are you prepared to handle a crisis?Image source:
  17. 17. To Err is Human• We make’s how we manage them that matters
  18. 18. Negative Feedback – An OpportunityNegative feedback is good...• Respond quickly• Humanise the experience "We’re sorry you’ve had that experience. We will do whatever we can to help you.” – Orla• Never delete negative comments• Monitor interactions, review, modify as needed Negative feedback is an opportunity to wow others online with your exceptional customer service
  19. 19. Policies &GuidelinesKiernan v A Wear Ltd.O’Mahony v PJF Insurances LtdImage source: Joy of Tech
  20. 20. Getting it right• Know your audience• Create a consistent brand identity, and your own online personality• Listen to your fans• Engage• Be human
  21. 21. 2013 and Beyond• Optimised for mobile• Social Media Marketing becomes key marketing tactic• Blog explosion with SMEs• Marketing turns upside down, the consumers become the marketers• Integration social media into customer service offering
  22. 22. And finally...Why bother with Social Media? ...Because your customers are already there!
  23. 23.