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Top Trends From the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show

The Symrise team has put together the Top 10 Trends from the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, CA. For more information visit

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Top Trends From the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show

  1. 1. 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show Trends San Francisco
  2. 2. 2 • Flavored Salts • Wellness Beverages • Adult Soda • Turmeric • Toffee • Bananarama • Marshmallows Go Gourmet • The BFY Ice Cream • Popcorn • Bourbon Anyone? • Bonus Runners-up! 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show: San Francisco 1,400 Innovative Food & Beverage Vendors – Our Top Trends
  3. 3. Flavored Salts 3 Tasty New Horizons Salt Works Thai Ginger, Wild Porcini, Spicy Curry, Espresso Brava Gustus Vitae Indian Tandoori, Wasabi, Green Tea, Blue Cheese San Francisco Salt Co. Sriracha, Ghost Pepper, Fennel Saffron, Rosemary Lavender
  4. 4. Wellness Beverages 4 Cheers to Your Health! Fire Brew Tonics Purifying Hibiscus, Immune Citrus, Power Garden, Energy Beet, Vitality Clove Goldenbrew Tea Apple Cider Vinegar Tonics: Lemon Ginger Turmeric & Wildflower Honey Cinnamon Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha Blueberry Basil, Tropical Turmeric, Lavender Love, Cilantro Ginger Lime
  5. 5. Adult Soda 5 No Kids Allowed Sipp Zesty Orange with Jalapeno, Summer Pear, Mojo Berry, Lemon, Ginger Blossom Dry Cucumber, Lavender, Rainer Cherry, Juniper Wild Poppy Lemon, Orange, Grape
  6. 6. Turmeric 6 The Golden Spice Suja Beverages Fuel: Carrot Orange Turmeric Corine’s Cuisine Fresh Hot Pepper, Garlic & Turmeric Sauce Vegan Rob’s Snacks Turmeric Chips
  7. 7. Toffee 7 The Next Caramel? Hope & Harmony Butter Toffee Peanuts Bissinger’s Coffee Toffee Dark Chocolate Everton Toffee Butter Toffee Pretzels: Original & Toasted Pecan
  8. 8. Bananarama 8 Go Bananas! Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co. Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Dahlicious Organic Banana Masala Lassi Banana Joe Banana Chips Hickory BBQ, Sriracha with Pickled Garlic, Thai Sweet Chili, Gruyere Cheese
  9. 9. Marshmallows Go Gourmet 9 Flavorful Goodness Smash Mallow Mint Chocolate Chip, Lemon Chia Seed, Espresso Bean, Cinnamon Churro, Root Beer Float Hammond’s Mellow Fluffs Birthday Cake, Snickerdoodle, Key Lime, Toasted Coconut, Mocha Latte, Vanilla Bean Madyson’s Hand Crafted Marshmallows Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, Pink Peppermint, S’mores, Cinnamon Sugar, Toasted Coconut
  10. 10. The BFY Ice Cream 10 Packed with Nutrition Mr. E’s Freeze Banana & Coconut Based Ice Cream: Original, Chai Spice, Strawberry, Chocolate Brio Tropical Mango, Dark Chocolate, Café Latte, Vanilla Caramel Arctic Zero Cool Mint Chip, Key Lime Pie, Buttery Pecan, Cookie Dough
  11. 11. Popcorn 11 It’s What’s Poppin’ Masala Pop Savory Masala, Caramel Rose, Tamarind Spice, Chai Masala, Savory Coconut Living Intentions Superfood Popcorn Tandoori Turmeric, Berry Smoothie, Salsa Verde, Cinnamon Twist Pop Art Honey Caramel & Feta, Nori Sesame, Tandoori Yogurt, Gingerbread Caramel, Chipotle Caramel & Cheddar, Rosemary Truffle
  12. 12. Bourbon Anyone? 12 Drunken Food Torani Bourbon Caramel Syrup The Daily Crave Bourbon BBQ Quinoa Chips Art of Caramel Kentucky Bourbon Black Pepper Popcorn
  13. 13. And the Runners-up Are… 13 Mango Madness Cherry Jubilee Mustard Kick