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Flavor Trends from Symrise Come to Life at Recent Fancy Food Shows

Every year, Symrise tracks and analyzes popular foods, beverages, flavors and ingredients from around North America to determine the most prevalent and upcoming flavors that industry members can expect to see on the rise. The resulting product is our annual Top Trends Report.

Alongside our annual trends, we determine two separate sets of trends based on our findings at the Winter and Summer Fancy Food Shows. With the 2019 Winter Fancy Food Show around the corner, we’ve looked back at our annual and Fancy Food Show trends between 2016 and 2018 and aligned some of our annual trends with products from the shows.


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Flavor Trends from Symrise Come to Life at Recent Fancy Food Shows

  1. 1. ALTERNATIVE FATSMarket Product Examples Alternative sources of fat have emerged, promising RICH FLAVOR and FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS beyond the common butter and olive oil. Fatworks Chosen Foods Mayo Epic TREND SPOTTED Fan cy Food Show 2016 NYC Pure Tallow, Pure Lard, Duck Fat, Leaf Lard Avocado Oil Mayo Duck Fat Cooking Oil The Healthy Alternative LARD is the latest ancestral ingredient to enjoy a rebirth and is making it’s way back into the kitchen. AVOCADO remains hot as a heart-healthy source of fat.
  2. 2. HOT is trending in the grocery aisle. BOLD & GLOBAL flavors you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. ETHNIC CUISINEMarket Product Examples Exquisite & Delicious Spice Mode Suji Korean Cuisine Malai TREND SPOTTED Fan cy Food Show 2016 NYC Masala, Vindaloo, Madras Savory Beef, Spicy Pork, Beef Bibimbap Rice Bowl, Kimchi Pork Bulgogi Rice Bowl Masala Chai, Rose Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, Ginger Root, Golden Turmeric, Turkish Coffee, Lemon Cardamom, Sweet Corn Saffron great flavors authentic hand-crafted quality “Amar created a product to help give home cooks of all skill levels an approachable and easy way to experience flavorful ethnic food.” — Indian, African and Korean are just some of the ethnic cuisines found in the market today.
  3. 3. HATCH CHILIMarket Product Examples A Little Spice Makes Everything Nice Hatch pepper, a hot and spicy culinary trend, is popping up in everything, including: cooking sauces pesto meat snacks biscuit bites HATCH VALLEY CHILI FESTIVAL occurs every year in Hatch, New Mexico. The ingredient presents a challenge to manufacturers, as they are only seasonally available and not dependable as a year-round staple. Terrapin Ridge Farms Duke’s My Brother’s Salsa TREND SPOTTED Fan cy Food Show 2016 NYC Hatch Chili Ranch Dressing Hatch Green Chile Smoked Shorty Sausages Helen’s Table Hatch Green Chile Salsa There is a place called Hatch, New Mexico where these amazing chile peppers grow.
  4. 4. BOURBON ANYONE?Market Product Examples Drunken Food Torani The Daily Crave Art of Caramel TREND SPOTTED Fan cy Food Show 2017 SF Bourbon Caramel Syrup Bourbon BBQ Quinoa Chips Kentucky Bourbon Black Pepper Popcorn Found in many new categories including coffee, ice cream, popcorn and chips Bourbon is a barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn Millennials are always looking for new and exciting flavor and food combinations Over 500new bourbon product launches in the past 5 years
  5. 5. GINGERMarket Product Examples Spice it Up! Leading flavors among spirits: ginger lime strawberry lemon chocolate Mr Green Tea Morris Kitchen Aufschnitt Meats TREND SPOTTED Fan cy Food Show 2017 NYC Ginger Ginger Ice Cream Ginger Spice Mule Cocktail Mixer Garlic Ginger Turkey Jerky Over 1400 product launches with GINGER in the past 3 years for food and beverage Benefits of ginger: > Treats many forms of nausea > Reduces muscle pain and soreness > Helps treat chronic indigestion
  6. 6. TURMERICMarket Product Examples The Golden Spice Suja Beverages Corine’s Cuisine Vegan Rob’s Snacks TREND SPOTTED Fan cy Food Show 2017 SF Fuel: Carrot Orange Turmeric Fresh Hot Pepper, Garlic & Turmeric Sauce Turmeric Chips TURMERIC the main spice in curry Launched in many food and beverage categories, including: lattes, juice drinks, smoothies and tonics Turmeric is versatile across seasons. Consumers are associating fall dishes and beverages with its earthy character. Helps with: arthritis, heartburn, joint pain, inflammation
  7. 7. QUIRKY JERKYMarket Product Examples Insights TREND SPOTTED Fan cy Food Show 2018 NYC Rise in sweet jerky concepts with other “jerky-like” bases such as dried apple or pear with a range of other sweet toppings or flavors (e.g. chocolate, macadamia nuts) “Jerky” is no longer a term just referring to meat— or even meat substitutes Most meat-free meat snacks/jerky products have followed a safe route, mimicking the texture and popular flavors of the originals 76%of millennials have purchased meat snacks in the past 6 months 33%of consumers look for a high protein claim when buying meat snacks Pan’s Mushroom Jerky Little Red Dot EPIC Zesty Thai Eggplant Baconess Sweet Sesame Ginger Tender Chicken Bites