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REIS 2013 Broken Hill - Renaissance Uranium ASX:RNU


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The 3rd annual Resources & Energy Investment Symposium (REIS) is on 19-22 May, once again held in the unique city of Broken Hill; Last year’s event exceeded the expectations of all that attended - including over 350 delegates, 12 keynote speakers and more than 30 resource companies presenting their investment opportunities.

A focus for this year’s symposium will be on the current economic climate including its challenges and opportunities, not only in the Australian resources industry, but Australia’s position in the international market.

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REIS 2013 Broken Hill - Renaissance Uranium ASX:RNU

  1. 1. Renaissance Uranium 1Renaissance Uranium LimitedASX code: RNUEastern Eyre IOCGU ProjectPresented at the Resourcesand Investment SymposiumBroken Hill, 21 May 2013Geoffrey McConachy, Director Geology
  2. 2. Renaissance Uranium• Renaissance Uranium is a multi-commodity explorer focused ondiscovery opportunities in key mineralprovinces of its home state, SouthAustralia• Management experienced and highlysuccessful in South Australia• Project portfolio includes “companymaker” copper targets in SouthAustralia• Aggressive exploration programsplanned in 2013 over multiple drill-ready targets2Renaissance UraniumSummaryLocation of Renaissance’s SouthAustralian projects
  3. 3. Renaissance Uranium 3Corporate profile• ASX code RNU• Shares on issue 114.8m• Options 14.3m*• Cash (31 March 13) $3.1m• Share price (15 May 13) $0.050• Market capitalisation $5.7m• Top 20 shareholding 64%• Board shareholding 47%• Registered office 36 North TerraceKent Town, SA 5067Board of DirectorsStephen Bizzell (Chairman)David Christensen (MD)Geoff McConachyChris AndersonAndrew Martin* Option breakdown: 13,550,000 million options @ $0.24, expiring between 15 December 2013 and 17 February 2015;750,000 @ $0.054, expiring 30 April 2016.
  4. 4. Renaissance Uranium 4ManagementSuccessful track-recordDavid ChristensenManaging Director• Experienced uranium mining executive, with recent successful experience managingexploration, mining and marketing operations• Previously CEO of Adelaide-based Heathgate Resources and Quasar Resources• Other past roles include President of uranium trading and marketing company, Nuclear FuelsCorporationGeoff McConachyExecutive Director• Geologist with over 30 years experience in the minerals exploration industry• Significant South Australian experience, including as Managing Director, Exploration ofHeathgate Resources• Leader of the exploration and development team of Quasar Resources, for which he was co-honored as Prospector of the Year by Australian Association of Mining and ExplorationCompanies for Four Mile discoveryChris AndersonDirector/Geophysicist• Experienced geophysicist with over 30 years of exploration experience• Recent experience includes instrumental role in discovery of the Carrapateena copper-gold-uranium discovery• Past experience includes extensive work in South Australia, and, in particular, IOCGUgeophysical interpretations in the Gawler CratonJohn WrightGeologist• Geologist with over 30 years experience in mineral and hydrocarbon exploration• Particular expertise in sedimentary and volcanics• Previous experience includes working with CRA Exploration, where he was instrumental indiscovery of Century zinc project
  5. 5. Renaissance Uranium 5Copper in South AustraliaRenaissance’s exploration prospects• South Australian copperendowment- One giant deposit (Olympic Dam)- Several mid-tier copper deposits- Multiple IOCGU prospects• Copper under-represented- Statistical comparison with globalcopper provinces suggests that SouthAustralia should include a number ofadditional deposits• Exploration challenge:drill-targeting throughcover sequencesSource: South Australian Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade,Resources and Energy (DMITRE) presentation dated December 2012, citing CRUWorld Copper Conference , Santiago, 2012 Minex consulting, GSSA projects
  6. 6. Renaissance Uranium 6Tenements &ownershipEL 4721, EL 5012 and ELA12/263 (100%)Location Southern Gawler CratonArea 1,305 km2Primary targets IOCGUEastern Eyre ProjectOverviewOlympic Dam IOCGU belt, showing location of Renaissance’s Eastern Eyre and otherprojects in relation to significant IOCGU deposits; resource and reserve figures fromDMITRE presentation to Australian Copper Conference, December 2012• Premium setting- Olympic Dam IOCGU Belt- Large landholding- Shallow depth-to-basement• Copper endowment- Ore-grade copper and hematitealteration over limited portions ofproject area previously drilled• Untapped opportunity- Major target zones untestedProminent Hill214.9 Mt @ 1.23% Cu, 0.5g/t Au (total resource)Olympic Dam500 Mt @ 1.84% Cu, 570ppm U3O8, 0.76 g/t Au, 2.8g/t Ag (total ore reserve)9,129 Mt @ 0.86% Cu, 270ppm U3O8, 0.32 g/t Au, 1.48g/t Ag (total resource)Carrapateena203 Mt @ 1.31% Cu, 0.56 g/tAu, 6.0 g/t Ag. 270 ppmU3O8 (inferred resource)Hillside214 Mt @ 0.7% Cu, 0.2 g/tAu, 12.4% Fe (inferredresource)
  7. 7. Renaissance Uranium 7Eastern Eyre ProjectUntapped potentialEastern Eyre Project (image to right), showing historical drilling (<60m in red;≥60m in blue) and Roopena target zone• Limited historical targeting- 1960s to 1980s exploration focused on near-surface geochemical targeting- Limited concentration of drilling• 2000s: Roopena fault asnew target area- Geoscience Australia deep seismic survey Roopena: crustal fault soling out of mantle-cutting Kalinjala Sheer Zone- New discoveries (e.g., Hillside) highlightimportance of structural control• But exploration accessblocked- Department of Defence Cultana training area• Roopena unlocked- New exploraiton protocols permit Renaissance tocommence exploration
  8. 8. Renaissance Uranium 8Eastern Eyre ProjectTargets from historical drilling• Previous exploration- Thousand of metres drilled- Generally shallow holes over geochemicaltargets• Untested copperzones- Multiple areas of +500 ppm Cu- 1050 East/1050 prospects Limited testing at depth intersectsanomalous copper and zones ofhematite alteration- Malachite and Quondong untested at depth• Immediate walk-updrill targetsEastern Eyre Project (image to right), showing selected prospects, drillholes .60m and drill results from zone of historical exploration focus
  9. 9. Renaissance Uranium 9Eastern Eyre Project1050 East Prospect1050 East prospect (right), showing anomalous copper zoneand drill holes of >60m depth1050 East Broad, 500m length, +500 ppmCu zone defined from shallowdrilling Limited basement drillingintersects elevated Cu withinhematite alteration Anomalous zone providesimmediate, untested basementtargets for large IOCGU Additional untested drill targetsin northern extension to 1050East, along faulting system10m @ 0.55% Cu, FW0540m @ 0.37% Cu, FW016.5m @ 1.05% Cu, SOC072.9m @ 1.96% Cu, SOC09
  10. 10. Renaissance Uranium 10Eastern Eyre ProjectGravity – Wizo WellThree dimensional gravity image, showing historical geochemical targets in comparison to Wizo Well prospectHistoricalprospectsshowmoderategravityresponseWizo Well: elevatedgravity target 2 mGal amplitudeover 1,200m x 500m Within structuralcontrol zone Coincident magneticresponse Untested
  11. 11. Renaissance Uranium 11Eastern Eyre ProjectGravity targetsGravity image (right), showing gravity and geochemical targets• Multiple stand-outgravity targets- Widespread over Roopena targetzone• Several coincident withgeochemical andmagnetic prospects• Prime IOCGU drilltargets
  12. 12. Renaissance Uranium 12Eastern Eyre ProjectMagnetic targetsMagnetic image (right), showing magnetic , gravity and geochemicaltargets• Magnetic prospects- Multiple high magnetic zonescoincident with fault systems• IOCGU expression- Comparable magnetic signatureto Rex’s Hillside deposit• Untested at depth• Immediate drilltargets
  13. 13. Renaissance Uranium 13Eastern Eyre ProjectNilginee prospectGravity image for Nilginee prospect• Standout gravityanomaly identified insouthern projectarea- 3 milliGal amplitude over 3km2- Anomaly centre coincidentwith magnetic anomaly andelevated gold- Within 8 km of Arrium’sMoola copper prospect• Additional highpriority, drill-readytarget
  14. 14. Renaissance Uranium 14Eastern Eyre ProjectSummary• Multiple premiumIOCGU targets- Olympic Dam IOCGU Belt- Coincident anomalies Structural control Geochemistry Gravity Magnetics• Untested• Drilling scheduled tocommence in JuneImage to come
  15. 15. Renaissance Uranium 15Important noticeForward Looking StatementsThis Presentation may include statements that could be deemed “forward-looking” statements. Although Renaissance UraniumLimited (the “Company”) believes the expectations expressed in such forward-looking statements are based on reasonableassumptions, such statements are not guarantees of future performance and actual results or developments may differ materiallyfrom those expected in the forward-looking statements or may not take place at all.No Offer to Sell or Invitation to BuyThis Presentation is not, and should not be considered to, constitute any offer to sell, or solicitation of an offer to buy, any securitiesin the Company, and no part of this Presentation forms the basis of any contract or commitment whatsoever with any person. TheCompany does not accept any liability to any person in relation to the distribution or possession of this Presentation from or in anyjurisdiction.DisclaimerWhilst care has been exercised in preparing and presenting this Presentation, to the maximum extent permitted by law, theCompany and its representatives make no representation, warranty or undertaking, express or implied, as to the adequacy,accuracy, completeness or reasonableness of this Presentation; accept no responsibility or liability as to the adequacy, accuracy,completeness or reasonableness of this Presentation; and accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions from thisPresentationReceipt of this PresentationIf the recipient of this Presentation has signed any confidentiality or similar agreement covering information of the type hereincontained, then the Presentation and all information therein is received subject to that agreement(s).Competent Persons StatementThe exploration results in this Presentation, insofar as they relate to mineralisation, are based on information compiled by Mr G. W.McConachy (fellow of the Australasian institute of Mining and Metallurgy) who is a director of the Company. Mr McConachy hassufficient experience relevant to the style of mineralisation and type of deposits being considered to qualify as a competent personas defined by the 2004 edition of the Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves(the JORC code, 2004 edition). Mr McConachy consents to the inclusion in the report of the matters based on his information in theform and context in which it appears.