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SI2017: Thomson Reuters: Toby Amis, Head of Eikon Proposition


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At Symphony Innovate 2017, Thomson Reuters discusses how to discover, create, and deliver value. Connecting global markets through partnership.

Presented at the Conrad Hotel on October 4, 2017.

Published in: Technology
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SI2017: Thomson Reuters: Toby Amis, Head of Eikon Proposition

  1. 1. THOMSON REUTERS & Symphony partnership Toby Amis Head of Eikon Proposition Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk October 2017 REUTERS / Mark Blinch REUTERS / Mark Blinch Robert Coletti Head of Eikon Product Management Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk
  2. 2. Connecting and Powering Global Markets The intelligence, technology and human expertise to find trusted answers 2 2 million+ individuals and entities that can pose a potential risk to the international business community are tracked daily $420 billion+ in FX trading per day and unparalleled access to deep liquidity 2 million news stories per year 2.5 million~ price updates distributed per second to the financial markets 11 million+ Messaging interactions daily 40,000+ regulatory alerts supplied to the world’s banks per year $250 billion in bond trading supported daily Over 40,000 customers around the globe 400,000+ end-users in more than 150 countries 5,000+ investment firms and hedge funds supported worldwide 10 billion bytes of real- time pricing data distributed every day Largest global professional FX community, with over 1,700 institutional clients and 160 providers 79 billion market messages managed during 24 hours following the Brexit vote & US elections
  3. 3. Thomson Reuters Open Platform T PROVIDERS CONSUMERS Developer Tools, APIs, Platform Access Transactions, Connections, Communications Contracting, Billing, Permission, Network Distribution Analytics & End User/Machine Tools Utilities & Service Discovering, Creating and Delivering Value Exchanges & Venues Research Providers Banks & Brokers Reuters and 100s of independent news sources Central Banks & Regulators 1,000s of other data sources 3rd Party Content Providers and more Banks & Brokers Private Banking & Wealth Managers Hedge Funds & Private Equity Corporates & Government 3rd Party Content Providers Regulators Asset Managers Central Banks A fully integrated, open platform business where the global financial community can connect, discover, build relationships and transact in a safe, effective and efficient way. 3
  4. 4. The Eikon Open Platform Use Eikon data flexibly Build onto Eikon Let your apps talk to Eikon Help developers get the job done Connect to peers & counterparties Eikon App Studio Eikon Desktop Data API Eikon Side-by-Side API Eikon Messenger Developer Community A Barcode for Information PermID Build your apps in Eikon for data and workflow integration. App Studio, Page Express and Element Library. Power your internal applications with Eikon data. Applications running on the same computer can consume data from Eikon. Integrate external apps with Eikon for seamless workflow. With Side-by-Side, your application can dynamically share context with Eikon. An open, secure, collaboration tool for the global financial community. Allows instant messaging networks to operate seamlessly with each other. The ultimate Developer toolkit. Empowering Developers to get their jobs done quicker and easier with a wealth of content and support. Comprehensive, Open, Machine readable, Connected, Unique, Permanent, Scalable Power your systems and link your cross- asset information