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SI2017: FactSet: Johan Sandersson, VP, Principal Product Manager


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A sneak peek at the integration with Portware by FactSet at Symphony Innovate 2017. Using bots and working together to create a seamless enterprise experience throughout the RFQ process.

Presented at the Conrad Hotel on October 4, 2017.

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SI2017: FactSet: Johan Sandersson, VP, Principal Product Manager

  1. 1. David Landisman Product Manager, Portfolio Management and Trading Product Development Johan Sandersson VP, Platform Product Development FactSet + Symphony Better Together!
  2. 2. FactSet is a Global Company 2Copyright © 2017 FactSet Research Systems Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential: Do not forward.
  3. 3. Collaboration Strategy • Our focus: Providing users with timely market data and research, along with best-in-class analytics • Symphony’s focus: Providing financial services with a cloud-based messaging and collaboration platform that securely connects markets, organizations, and individuals • Benefits of being a FactSet/Symphony customer: – Seamlessly jump from platform to platform with a click of the mouse – Maintain the enterprise installation and control of Symphony – Minimal learning curve – Automatic updates as platforms evolve
  4. 4. Identifier Lookup • We are working to make our security master data available to all FDS/Symphony users • Users will be able to use type ahead to search and select identifiers (equities, commodities, fixed income, private companies) • Once selected, Symphony will create a Financial Object containing metadata to identify the instrument, allowing other apps to recognize and present the instrument
  5. 5. Financial Objects • We are active members of the Symphony Foundation, especially the Working Group that aims to define structured Financial Objects for the entire community • Portware RFQ is built using objects published publicly to easily adhere to changes the community decides on
  6. 6. Demo of Workstation Integration
  7. 7. Overview Use of OBO ensures user authentication, message encryption, and control functions remain with client administrators Tagged content is available on mobile devices (perfect for up-to-date information on the go)
  8. 8. Demo of Portware EMS Integration (RFQ Chat)
  9. 9. Overview Submit an RFQ for bonds or currency from Portware EMS order template Receive formatted RFQs and respond with a message that is parsed and stored in Portware EMS
  10. 10. On the Horizon...
  11. 11. Research Management Research production must comply with regulatory requirements around the distribution of content and inclusion of disclaimers FactSet RMS, with Symphony, will offer users built-in regulatory compliance workflows
  12. 12. Alert Manager Configure the Alert Manger to send the alert to Symphony Alerts are sent even when the Workstation is not running (effective on the mobile app) Paired with Bots, this allows Intelligent Alerts that you can modify directly in Symphony (e.g. ”Top Oil News” can fetch StreetAccount articles, ”up TP 10%” can modify a Target Price Alerts, and ”Healthcare Exposure” can run a PA report and send back key figures)
  13. 13. Questions? Come visit our booth!