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4 Tips To Run Effective Meetings by Symphonical


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Many experts estimate that half of all time spent in meetings is wasted. You have surely seen it your own teams. Agendas aren’t set, people arrive unprepared, discussions drift to random topics, no clear notes are taken, and then when the meeting ends there is no tracking to make sure people actually follow-through with their promises. Sometimes it seems like ALL time spent in meetings is wasted.

Symphonical is a tool specifically designed to help with this problem. To understand how Symphonical can save your team meetings, we first need to have a quick framework for running effective meetings.

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4 Tips To Run Effective Meetings by Symphonical

  1. 1. Many experts estimate that half of all time spent in meetings is wasted...
  2. 2. Running effective meetings requires: ● Planning ● Discussion ● Task delegation ● Proper follow-through
  3. 3. Before a Meeting ● Coordinator shares an agenda with the team using a collaborative tool. ● All attendees review agenda before the meeting. ● All team members can contribute feedback using the same tool.
  4. 4. During a Meeting ● Agenda items are discussed with a clear follow-up or conclusion. ● Follow-ups should be defined with an owner, deliverable, and due date. ● Coordinator sums up the results of the meeting with all attendees.
  5. 5. After a Meeting ● A tracking system is shared with the team. ● Everyone has a visual reminder of the tasks assigned to them. ● Coordinator ensures that all to-do items are completed.
  6. 6. The Next Meeting ● The agenda becomes the focal point for long- term projects or ongoing business activities. ● Teams can integrate feedback into their daily work schedules. ● Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!
  7. 7. Symphonical Creates Virtual Walls With Sticky Notes Its collaborative real-time notes allow you to create, track, assign, and prioritize tasks. We have already helped teams across the world to become more productive.
  8. 8. Read more about these tips at: