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Symmetrical B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

This is the social media marketing strategy that our company has developed, tested and uses everyday. Andrew C. Belton created this strategy in late 2015 and build Symmetrical Media Marketing around using this strategy to help small businesses in the B2B industry. We hope that this strategy will be helpful to you and we encourage you to contact us so that we can customize this strategy to meet the needs of your business. Visit our website at: @Symmetricalmm #Balancesmm

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Symmetrical B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Symmetrical B2B Strategy Created By: Andrew C. Belton @symmetricalmm #balancesmm
  2. 2. We are passionate about helping small businesses to develop efficient social media marketing solutions. We have developed a new strategy that is structured to help small businesses in the B2B (Business-to- Business) industry to leverage social media. #B2B #SMM Symmetrical Media Marketing
  3. 3. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM What does Symmetrical mean?
  4. 4. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM Our Symmetrical B2B Strategy: Post the same content across each social media platform with simple consistent daily post scheduling at the optimal post times. Share your own keyword-rich unique content and curated content from credible sources. Use the same @handle (for Twitter, Instagram and etc.) with identical custom company page URL’s as your website as well as the same (or similar) company summary. Example: @Symmetricalmm for Twitter, Periscope and Instagram for the website and
  5. 5. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM 4 Symmetrical B2B Platforms: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Additionally Recommended B2B Platforms: Slideshare, Periscope, Youtube Secondary B2B Platforms: Pinterest, Instagram
  6. 6. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM Google+ • Social layer across all of Google’s services • An under-utilized and versatile social network • SEO booster!! • Posts on Google+ can increase search authority by ranking prominently in search results • 400+ million users
  7. 7. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM Twitter • Largest micro-blogging social network • Most effective for #events • Owns Periscope, Vine, TweetDeck • 300+ million users Twitter polls were introduced in late 2015
  8. 8. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM Facebook • Largest and most versatile social network • Affordable and effective paid targeted advertising • Owns Instagram, WhatsApp • Over 58% of adults use Facebook
  9. 9. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM LinkedIn • Largest B2B Network • Perfect for professional branding, maintaining professional connections, sharing industry related content • LinkedIn Premium Accounts: Job Seeker, Business Plus, Sales Navigator Professional, Recruiter • Owns Slideshare, Pulse, • 400+ million users LinkedIn has created over 11 user-friendly mobile apps
  10. 10. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM Additional Social Media Platforms • Slideshare-Largest slideshow sharing platform • Periscope-Video livestreaming app • Youtube-Largest video sharing social network • Pinterest-Idea sharing social network, content hub • Instagram-Photo and video sharing social network
  11. 11. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM Content Marketing Tips • Keep posts “short and sweet” • Share your own unique content to build your brand • Post content that will make followers look good when they share it • Include a web link, photo, video or any other form of media to increase engagement • Popular forms of content include: photos, slideshares, blogs, link, podcasts, videos, graphics, news updates, quotes, webinars
  12. 12. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM
  13. 13. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM Why Symmetrical? • Our strategy will help you to expand your online presence by leveraging authority social media sites which will help your company to: • Build Brand Credibility • Promote Awareness • Establish & Nurture Relationships • Provide Value • Be Consistent • This strategy will help you to generate leads, build your email list, increase web traffic and drive sales for your business.
  14. 14. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM The next step is to develop your own social media strategy. Consider the following questions: What are my social media marketing strategy objectives? (Be specific) Who is going to manage my social media accounts? Who is my target client? Which social media platforms will I use to reach my target audience? How frequently will I post content on these platforms?
  15. 15. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM Consider the following questions: What content will I post and blog about? What kind of media will I include in my posts and embed in my blog posts? How frequently will I blog? Which social media tools will I use? Which social media platforms will I run Advertisements on and how?
  16. 16. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM We are here to help! • We offer: • Social Media Consultations • Social Media Strategy Development • Social Media Coaching • Social Media Branding • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Blog Strategy • Social Media Audit • Social Media Management
  17. 17. @Symmetricalmm #BalanceSMM Contact us! We would love to hear from you! To learn more about Symmetrical Media Marketing, visit our website and connect with us on social media: