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An creative/digital overview for Marketers in the Manufacturing Industry

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Symmetri Marketing Manufacturing Expertise

  1. 1. what’s really An Overview. going to click for you? Symmetri Digital Solutions.
  2. 2. there are countless digital strategies, but only one way to make them work. integration redefined.
  3. 3. introduction. There isn’t a B2B marketer on the planet digital strategy that addresses the challenges of manufacturing marketers. who doesn’t recognize the power and Symmetri Marketing Group has deep knowledge of the manufacturing economy of digital communications. sector, having worked with such clients as EGS, Emerson Industrial After that, it gets a little fuzzy. You’ve Automation, Danaher, Kollmorgen, Thomson, Komori and KNAACK Manufacturing. We know the issues you face. The risk of heard all the things you should be doing – your products becoming commoditized. The need to convey both above and beyond web sites, banners and global and local market messaging to maintain a strong brand and emails. UGC. Social. Search. PPC. Mobile. customer relationships when budgets and manpower have been slashed. And don’t forget the ongoing task of customer acquisition/ CMS. Video. Viral. Virtual tradeshows. lead generation. We also know that a website can only do so much in It’s enough to make you yearn for a nice addressing these issues. brochure. Of course, Symmetri is more than happy to design, develop content and build an engaging, robust site for you. But we will deliver far That’s where we come in. We are Symmetri Marketing Group. greater value by looking critically and holistically at your marketing We provide a full spectrum of strategic, user experience, goals and leveraging a cross-channel mix of leading digital tactics design, content and technology capabilities. We develop digital for both desktop and mobile applications – from video to microsites communications based on an overarching strategy and then to social media to SEO – to address your specific challenges. create, manage and measure multiple, interwoven tactics to help you achieve your sales and brand-building objectives. viral social display outdoor (standard, rich media, radio search mobile) desktop handheld (organic, browser- browser- paid, ppc) print based based email websites websites email clients email clients apps apps crm broadcast pr When everything works in concert, it just clicks. What’s really going to click for you? | Symmetri Digital Solutions | Symmetri Marketing Group, LLC number 1
  4. 4. integrated digital strategies bring you closer to your customer launch tell a products complex story How do you create awareness and stimulate inquiries on a regional, Let’s face it, your customers aren’t deciding which brand of cheese national and/or global level when you’re bringing a new product to to buy. They are making major purchasing decisions that require in- market? Today, digital tactics provide the economy of scale to reach a depth research. They need to know more than the basic specs of your large and globally disparate audience. Via multi-language microsites, component or machine. They have to know that what you are selling email campaigns, display advertising and geo-targeted marketing, we them makes their jobs easier and the end results better and why. In ensure your product quickly gets lift and makes a lasting impression. addition, they expect the information to be succinct, well-organized and easy to access. Symmetri offers an array of rich-media and content development solutions to add depth to your campaigns and help you tell these stories – including video, interactive demos and widgets, podcasts, e-learning modules, and electronic white papers – all of which can be deployed via your websites or distributed through social media.
  5. 5. and allow you to capitalize on business opportunities. create optimize evangelists spending The most effective way to augment the relationship-building efforts In this era of belt-tightening, digital has never made more sense. One of your sales force is by connecting with your customers digitally and of the most effective ways to stretch your budget is to utilize emerging giving them opportunities to engage in a meaningful experience with open-source technology. These community-driven solutions are free you at their convenience. Symmetri integrates search marketing with to license, inexpensive to develop and put the strength of thousands of the latest social marketing vehicles – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, developers at your fingertips. SlideShare and Blogs – to drive awareness, create user-controlled Symmetri provides the technical agility necessary to get your product experiences that dimensionalize and personalize your brand, provide launches, site enhancements and campaigns to market quickly. in-depth information, and allow users to share opinions and build Additionally, our integrated approach to digital strategy wrings communities. maximum ROI from every dollar. Complete tracking and analysis allows us to fine-tune tactics, targeting and messaging to ensure even more effectiveness. What’s really going to click for you? | Symmetri Digital Solutions | Symmetri Marketing Group, LLC number 3
  6. 6. symmetri digital solutions Online is becoming the dominant medium for B2B initiatives. Through insightful research and innovative thinking coupled with award-winning creative, we turn ideas into actionable roadmaps for success. Symmetri Marketing Group can help you develop a plan to ensure your digital marketing initiatives work harmoniously together to generate qualified leads, enhance your brand and deepen your connections with customers. customer research technical planning strategy and insight. Ingenuity through careful strategic & roadmap planning examination and planning. communications & storytelling creative and technology. Blending disciplines to create meaningful interactions. experience design digital marketing. usability validation Driving quality leads and profound results. paid placement & ppc display advertising motion & rich-media design
  7. 7. email strategy & execution search engine optimization video content management social community activation performance management content distribution mobile application development social networking “Facing budget reductions of 23% on average, most marketers try to fend off deeper cuts while scrambling to keep pipelines full. Those who fail to embrace digital marketing face certain extinction by 2010 as new social buying habits and readily available online information shift purchase power from corporations to communities.” – Source: Forrester B2B Marketers’ 2009 Budget Trends What’s really going to click for you? | Symmetri Digital Solutions | Symmetri Marketing Group, LLC number 5
  8. 8. symmetri marketing group, llc 444 n. michigan avenue, suite 1090 chicago, illinois 60611 312.222.2500 about symmetri marketing group Symmetri Marketing Group is a full-service integrated business-to-business agency. Our passion is born out of a desire to help organizations uncover their brand promise and truly realize the power of digital and traditional communications. We are a team of sales, marketing, creative and digital professionals who leverage a unique blend of expertise and experience to deliver results- driven solutions for business-to-business clients. Symmetri understands complex products and service offerings and turns that understanding into relevant, meaningful and highly effective communications and engaging experiences.