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The system of education in Poland


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This is presentation for Comenius meeting.

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The system of education in Poland

  1. 1. Education in Poland According to the Polish Constitution every citizen of our country has the right to get the education. All the public schools are free of charge. The primary schools and secondary schools (gymnasiums) are compulsory. Children must study between the ages 6-18 they are obliged. If a child doesnt go to school their parents bear responsibility (or someone who keeps the legal custody of the child )and they have to pay a fine.12-11-30
  2. 2. Kindergarten  Kliknij, aby between the Children edytować ages 3-6 attend format tekstu konspektu It can be kindergarten. either a separate Drugi poziom institution or a part of a  primary school. konspektu Kindergartens take care − Trzeci poziom of children and prepare konspektu them to go to school.  Czwarty Meeting a postwoman poziom konspektu12-11-30 −
  3. 3. The 1 of st September Kliknij, aby edytować format tekstu konspektu  Drugi poziom konspektu − Trzeci poziom konspektu It is the day Czwarty  poziomwhen the school konspektu Piąty −year in Poland poziom konspektbegins. u − Szósty poziom konspekt u − Siódmy poziom konspekt The pledge of the pupils of the first class u12-11-30 − Ósmy poziom
  4. 4. Primary SchoolChildren between the ages 7-12 attend the primary school They study at the two stages: class I – III class IV-VIEarly education Later educationNo division into subjects; Particular subjects: Polishlanguage, general education history, music, art,maths, science Subjects common to both stages: PE, foreign language, computer studies, religious educationAt12-11-30 of the Primary School Students must take the final exam the end
  5. 5. Secondary School - GymnasiumGymnasiums – the reform in 1999 created them as a new type of school.(the primary schools have been shortened from 8 to 6 years). Education ingymnasiums is still general and include such subjects as: hisyory, Polishlanguage, two foreign languages, biology, geography, social studies, music,art, chemistry, physics, PE, computer studies , Gymnasium in Poczesna mathematics. Religious aducation and ethics – are not obliged, parents decide if a child attends these classes. Education in gymnasiums finishes with the final exam which includes: the arts and the sciences and a foreign language. The exam allow the student tocomplete education and its result is taken into consideration inrecruitments by High Schools . 12-11-30
  6. 6. High SchoolsThere are:- VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS - 2-3 years - finishing with the exam. Students get a certificate confirming their profession ,- THREE -YEAR HIGH SCHOOLS – finishing with Matura Exam confirming general education, it allows to go to University - FOUR-YEAR TECHNICAL COLLEGE- finishing with Maura Exam plus a certificate confirming students profession Universities are separated, its another stage of education in Poland.12-11-30
  7. 7. ASSESSMENTIn the classes I-III children receive descriptions of their knowledge.Students get standard school marks from the fourth class and they are:6 – means the best5 – very good4 – good3 – enough2- poor1 – not enough (the worst)There are also marks for students behaviour and they are just words:Perfect, Very good, Good, Average, Improper, Very bad.12-11-30
  8. 8. The Polish Teacher12-11-30
  9. 9. The job of a teacher The person who can do the job of a teacher :- must have a university degree confirming theirqualifications to teach children;- must follow basic code of ethics;- their health must allow them to work with children.12-11-30
  10. 10. Promotion in the job of a teacher There are four degrees of the promotion in the job of a  Kliknij, aby edytować teacher. Going through all the degrees can take the teacher format tekstu twelve years. Each stage is finishing with oral exam and konspektu presentation of the teachers achievements. The main Drugi poziom advantages of getting promoted are: higher payment and  the guarantee of having a job (when the teacher gets the konspektu third degree he cannot be dismissed from school without any serious reason). Trzeci poziom − konspektu  Czwarty poziom konspektu12-11-30 −
  11. 11. Working time- Full employment is not more than 40 hours per week, now it is actually 18 hours of teaching + two extra hours Kliknij, aby edytować for additional lessonsThe duties of a teacher are: format tekstu konspektuConducting the lessons Class tutors duties  Drugi poziom konspektu − Trzeci poziom konspektu Organizing assemblies, occasional events, school trips  Czwarty poziom konspektu12-11-30 −
  12. 12. The teachers payment Consists of:• The basic payment;• Extra money for: years of seniority, motivation benefit, working far from the place of living;• Extra hours, replacements;• Prizes for special achievements.12-11-30
  13. 13. The 14 of October - the Teachers th Day12-11-30
  14. 14. Having some rest Summer holidays: July, August Christmas holiday Winter holidays: Two weeks in January12-11-30 Easter holiday or February