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Continous UI testing with Espresso and Jenkins

Talk from Droidcon Zagreb 2015 about approach to Continous Integration and integration testing we are using in Outline.

In short: we use Jenkins CI on Intel NUC to build, analyse and test apps. To speed up tests we are using Spoon with some devices connected to our CI server via USB hub.

Continous UI testing with Espresso and Jenkins

  1. 1. Continous UI testing by with Espresso and Jenkins
  2. 2. Sylwester Madej Founder & Head Developer @smdremedy #droidconZG 2
  3. 3. This is a story of my team's journey
  4. 4. ...jurney to CI/CD We are a small team
  5. 5. ...jurney to CI/CD We are a small team - we are looking for things to be cost effective - not a perfect solution, but a decent one
  6. 6. What we have gained - better, more agile work flow - no more Commit and run situations - way to check UI on many configurations - less regression bugs - higher code quality
  7. 7. We started with tests - JVM tests (finally works in AS) - Robolectric - Instrumentation
  8. 8. We wanted more from VCS - Use DVCS - Gitflow = git++ - Branch per feature, tag per release
  9. 9. Static code analysis - FindBugs - PMD - Checkstyle - SonarCube
  10. 10. Continous Integration checklist - gitflow ✔ - unit tests ✔ - code coverage ✔ - static analysis ✔ - build with one command ✔
  11. 11. We needed our CI server - Jenkins - Travis - Circle CI - TeamCity - Bamboo...
  12. 12. Why Jenkins? - free of change, but not of hustle - great community - can be hosted on any device - hundreds of plugins
  13. 13. Where to host it? - - VPS: s3, digital ocean - bare metal
  14. 14. Perfect local Jenkins machine - good price/performance (i5, ssd, ram) - energy effective - quiet - small Candidates: - Intel NUC (7W idle) - Mac Mini
  15. 15. CI setup Ubuntu - apt-get install - sdk install (Android Plugin don't install everything) - kvm - plugins (Chuck Norris, Lint Publisher, jacoco...)
  16. 16. First easy win - create new project - add git with credentials ./gradlew build test jacoco You get: - compilation check - lint check - unit tests with code coverage
  17. 17. We wanted more Instrumentation tests - Robotium - Appium - Espresso - UI Automator
  18. 18. Some Espresso Great way to test UI, and do integration tests Api from developers to developers onView(Matcher) .perform(ViewActions) .check(ViewAssertions) More on Maciej's speach at 12:00: „Expressive functional testing with Espresso”
  19. 19. How to test API? Mock/stub API classes - Dagger FTW - works great with Retrofit
  20. 20. How to test API? MockWebServer - set HTTP mock for one test - Square Quality™, build upon OkHttp - mock calls, verify where they called
  21. 21. How to test API? AndroidStubServer - HTTP server build in your APK (good for integration testing ) - can be sent to client within app simple config: { "method": "GET", "path": "/books", "response file": "books.json" }
  22. 22. Where to run Instrumentation tests? - androd emulators (x86 if possible) - genymotion - real devices
  23. 23. Start simple - create job with single emu - use Android Emulator Plugin for configuration - start instrumentation tests in gradle ./gradlew connectedCheck
  24. 24. Enter the matrix - create Multi-configuration project - exclude combinations
  25. 25. Need a Spoon for your Espresso? - great tool from Square (duh !) - run instrumentation tests on multiple devices in parallel - external plugin to run with gradle - connect your devices to CI server with USB hub - generates nice looking reports
  26. 26. One step further - Continous Delivery - your code is tested and ready to meet the world - create new job to deploy to distibution channel Crashlytics Google Play Alpha/Beta - start after succesful build or manualy
  27. 27. When we need more devices Devices in the cloud - AppThwack - TestDroid... Bonus: Some free Intel devices
  28. 28. How to make it even better? Genymotion on server
  29. 29. BDD with Calabash Black box testing calabash-android gen write specification with Gherkin DSL Scenario: As a valid user I can log into my app When take picture When I press "Login" Then I see "Welcome to coolest app ever" Then take picture calabash-android run APK Works great with AndroidStubServer!
  30. 30. Sylwester Madej Founder & Head Developer @smdremedy 3 0