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  1. 1. VPSS.Schouwenaars@hz.nl 0117-489303 Room L 205
  2. 2. PLANNING1 12th Sept Introduction2 19th Sept Self-study3 26th Sept Self-study4 03th Oct Presentations5 10th Oct. Self-study6 24th Oct Self-study7 31th Oct. interview8 14th Nov. Self-study9 21th Nov. Self-study10 28th Nov. Personal Development11 5th Dec. Self-study12 12th Dec. Self-study13 19th Dec Portfolio / Assessment14 09/01/13 15 -----
  3. 3. MEETING 1 INTRODUCTIONFlipped Classroom, Mentormobhttp://www.mentormob.com/learn/i/vpsIntroductory coursesAssignmentsþ Doing tests Belbin, Kolb, motivationo http://www.thesis.nlo http://www.123test.nl/prestatiemotivatie/þ Portfolio and resume making
  4. 4. MEETING 2 (WEEK 4)What precedes it.þ Find at least 5 companies that match your CVþ Determine at which one you would like to work.þ Look at the video “End to Boring Powerpoint slides”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fils7clg6iU and prepare aPechaKucha for the company that best suits you and tell us whythis is so. (Many public images can be found onwww.Pinterest.comAssignmentsPresentations.
  5. 5. ASSIGNMENTSPresentations.
  6. 6. MEETING 3 (WEEK 7)What precedes itYou have chosen a company which best suits you. Write a letterof application and mail this letter one week before the meeting(teaching week 6) to the teachers.She sends your letter with a number to three other students.Each student receives 3 letters.These three students decide independently who they want toinvite for an interview. (Explain why)The other two are not invited but will get extensive feedbackabout the letter and explain why they are not invited.Use the search term "applying for a job" for more informationabout how to apply for a job.
  7. 7. ASSIGNMENTSThe teacher indicates who will have a job interview. And whichstudents form the selection committee for this person.There are two interviews conducted per group of 6 students.Every interview takes 20 minutes.3 students are the Selection Committee, 1 student is acandidate. 2 students observe and give feedback to thecandidate afterwards. Main question. Will you employ thisperson after this interview? Justify your answer.Prior to the interview subgroups of three students get theopportunity to prepare for the interview and make aquestionnaire.After each interview the observers discuss what they thoughtof the interview and the applicant.
  8. 8. If your letter has not arrived in time yournot allowed to attend the meeting andyou’ll have a rematch.
  9. 9. MEETING 4 (WEEK OF CLASSES11)What precedes itRead in the book “Match” the part about the personaldevelopment plan and adjust the plan for yourself.Decide what activities you have to carry out. Discuss this withyour SLC if necessaryMake a poster of your Personal Development Plan on anA3paper most important are the activities
  10. 10. ASSIGNMENTSDuring the meeting, the posters are shown to your classmates.Everyone writes on a post-it (awarded by the teacher) whatelse you can do to accomplish your goals.Afterwards you’ll get the opportunity to read the posts and askquestions about the post-it set.
  11. 11. MEETING 5 (WEEK OF CLASSES14)What precedes itPlease complete your portfolio and make it available to theteacher
  12. 12. ASSIGNMENTSassessment