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Staging DGTL Festival


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How to create a modular, sustainable and techno minded stage?

Published in: Marketing
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Staging DGTL Festival

  1. 1. STAGING DGTL FESTIVAL Modular, sustainable and techno-minded Nachtlab AgencyDGTL, Modular Stage
  2. 2. Nachtlab AgencyDGTL, Modular Stage We start researching modularity, a concept that appears in art, architecture, music and industrial design.
  3. 3. We use 3D modeling to create 7 different modules: Components that can be relocated, removed and added to create a wide range of possible stage designs. DJ BOOTH MODULE LED MODULE MIRROR MODULE POINTE MODULE Nachtlab AgencyDGTL, Modular Stage
  4. 4. A sketch of the DGTL stage, putting one of many possible modular arrangements in the spotlight. Nachtlab AgencyDGTL, Modular Stage
  5. 5. From idea to reality: the 
 DGTL stage, illuminating crowd thanks to state-of-the- art lighting technology and the best light designer in town. Nachtlab AgencyDGTL, Modular Stage
  6. 6. SHOWTIME! Nachtlab AgencyDGTL, Modular Stage
  7. 7. Nachtlab Agency is an Amsterdam / Ibiza based
 agency dedicated to creating exhilarating live experiences around the globe. We build incredible stages, festival grounds, and shows for brands. 
 With our international network of DJs, producers, light designers, visual artists, personalities, performers and other creative creatures of the night, we bring brands to life. We transform marketing strategies into experiential campaigns, amplifying them through social-media storytelling. Because we 
 speak the language of the night… Fluently! Nachtlab AgencyDGTL, Modular Stage
  8. 8.