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5 steps to create a stage design for the Corona brand.


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5 steps to create a stage design for the Corona brand.

Published in: Marketing
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5 steps to create a stage design for the Corona brand.

  1. 1. HOW TO DESIGN A MAGICAL STAGE FOR CORONA IN 5 STEPS Nachtlab AgencyCorona Sunsets Stage
  2. 2. STEP 1 To bring the physical and emotional spirit of Corona to life, we start sketching: an iconic, lantern-like stage designed for a festival on the beach. Nachtlab AgencyCorona Sunsets Stage
  3. 3. Nachtlab AgencyCorona Sunsets Adding a touch of mythology to it: Griffins - the guardians of the sun and part of the Corona logo. Nachtlab AgencyCorona Sunsets Stage
  4. 4. 3D design the sketch to get all the proportions right and make the design ‘tangible’. STEP 2 Nachtlab AgencyCorona Sunsets Stage
  5. 5. STEP 3 From sketch to technical drawing - keeping it real. Nachtlab AgencyCorona Sunsets Stage
  6. 6. STEP 3 Integrate materials and light design in a technical drawing 
 to understand how to build it. STEP 4 special fx - our specialty: creating time- coded show moments. Nachtlab AgencyCorona Sunsets Stage
  7. 7. STEP 5 Showtime! Celebrating one of nature’s finest moments with Corona SunSets. Nachtlab AgencyCorona Sunsets Stage
  8. 8. Nachtlab Agency is an Amsterdam / Ibiza based
 agency dedicated to creating exhilarating live experiences around the globe. We build incredible stages, festival grounds, and shows for brands. 
 With our international network of DJs, producers, light designers, visual artists, personalities, performers and other creative creatures of the night, we bring brands to life. We transform marketing strategies into experiential campaigns, amplifying them through social-media storytelling. Because we 
 speak the language of the night… Fluently! Nachtlab AgencyCorona Sunsets Stage
  9. 9.