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Character development for the Absolut brand


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Event content creation

Published in: Marketing
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Character development for the Absolut brand

  1. 1. BRINGING CHARACTERS TO LIFE FOR ABSOLUT MIDSOMMAR Nachtlab AgencyAbsolut Midsommar Characters
  2. 2. ‘Planting the seed’ For the Sweden-based Absolut Company Nachtlab Agency is asked to create a contemporary interpretation of the 
 famous Swedish Midsommar
 tradition. Nachtlab AgencyAbsolut Midsommar Characters
  3. 3. Mood boards plant the seed of Midsommar characters, who will perform during the event’s parade and dance show. ‘Letting it grow ’ Nachtlab AgencyAbsolut Midsommar Characters
  4. 4. ‘Working 
 out the details’
  5. 5. ‘Birth of a Character’ The drawings are brought to life in collaboration with Deux d’Amsterdam.
 Nachtlab AgencyAbsolut Midsommar Characters
  6. 6. ‘Come alive!’ The dancers are scouted, the choreography rehearsed and light and music are blended into the performance. Time to introduce our characters at Absolut Midsommar! Nachtlab AgencyAbsolut Midsommar Characters
  7. 7. The personalization of the Mule, is not only inspired by Shakespears Midsummer Night’s Dream, but more so by the famous cocktail: the Moscow Mule. 
 let the family grow Nachtlab AgencyAbsolut Midsommar Characters
  8. 8. Nachtlab Agency is an Amsterdam / Ibiza based
 agency dedicated to creating exhilarating live experiences around the globe. We build incredible stages, festival grounds, and shows for brands. 
 With our international network of DJs, producers, light designers, visual artists, personalities, performers and other creative creatures of the night, we bring brands to life. We transform marketing strategies into experiential campaigns, amplifying them through social-media storytelling. Because we 
 speak the language of the night… Fluently! Nachtlab AgencyAbsolut Midsommar Characters
  9. 9.