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How to turn #400 over #5000000 sylvac.pdf


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you can make real cash every day with your one time investment of 400 Naira, you can contact me on +2347063076507 for more information. just follow the guide lines at this eBook.

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How to turn #400 over #5000000 sylvac.pdf

  1. 1. (RIIABFeederMatrix) How to turn N400 to over N5,000,000 In few months Emmanuel Adekunle (RIIAB FEEDER MATRIX)
  2. 2. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 1 in few months (RIIAB Feeder Matrix) Emmanuel Adekunle (RIIAB Feeder Matrix)
  3. 3. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 2 Legal Disclaimer The information contained in this book is for general information purposes only. The information is provided based on research and while I endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, I make no representations or warranties of any kind about the suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, services, or related graphics contained in this book for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. In no event will I be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this book. Through this book you are able to link to a website which is not under my control. I have no control over the nature, content and availability of the site. Therefore, I takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond my control.
  4. 4. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 3 1.0 INTRODUCTION Residual Income in A Box (RIIAB) is a downline builder that allows Ordinary People like you and I help each other to make thousands of dollars promote the membership. It’s a system with Member to Member Payment. That means that members pay directly to each other’s personal accounts. No middlemen, no intermediaries, no third parties or admin, not even the website interfere with the payment between members. What Makes RIIAB Feeder Matrix Unique?  The program requires a smaller investment (N400)  It is ideal for beginners/experts – those who would want to tap the Internet profitability  RIIAB Feeder Matrix As a Forced Matrix, meaning even if you don’t refer anyone to the system, you will still earn from the system Guaranteed  Every member actually has a limited number of members in his/her direct downline.  Spillunder and Spillover helps all member earn a regular income even faster.
  5. 5. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 4 2.0 HOW DOES THE SYSTEM WORK? RIIAB have 6 matrix systems. There are: I. RIIAB 3x3: This matrix has 2 phases with 3 levels per phase. II. RIIAB 2x3: This matrix has 3 phases with 3 levels per phase. III. RIIAB 3x4: This matrix has 3 phases with 4 levels per phase. IV. RIIAB 2x2: This Matrix has 7 boards 2 levels per board. V. RIIAB 4x4: This matrix has 2 phases with 4 levels per phase. VI. RIIAB Unlimitedx7: This matrix is unlimited wide Our focus is the RIIAB 4x4. Here are the details At Level 1 All you need to be part of it is just N400 only. You pay it to the bitcoin wallet of the person that the system allocates you to pay. After payment contact the person (via email). The person will then approve your registration after receiving alert of your payment in his/her bitcoin wallet. When 4 person join under you, your total earning will be N1,600 At Level 2 You will use N800 to upgrade to level 2. This time the upgrading payment goes to the upline of your upline. On receiving the alert of your payment, he/she will then approve your request to upgrade to level 2. At level 2, you earn all the level 2 upgrades of the people in your level 2. They are the downlines of your 4 downlines. They are 16 people in number and they will pay N800 each to your bitcoin wallet. Making your earning at this level to be N 12,800
  6. 6. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 5 At Level 3 You will now use N4,000 out of your earnings to upgrade to level 3. You pay your level 3 upgrade money to the bitcoin wallet of your level 3 upline (the system will always show you the person you are to pay any upgrade fee, it also shows their contact details and bitcoin wallet address) At level 3, you earn a total of N256,000 At Level 4 This is the last level. From the money your earned at the 3rd level, you will take N20,000 and upgrade to level 4. Once the alert of your payment of level 4 is received, your upline who received it will now approve it for you. Then wait for your own downlines to also pay you. At level 4, you earn a total of N 5,120,000 If you are serious to work on this, you can generate a total of over N5,120,000 within three months. REMEMBER: You need Just four people to work with and the four people also get their own four people and the process continues...
  7. 7. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 6 In summary: level 1 = 4 people (You will refer 4 people) level 2 = 16 People (The 4 will refer 4 each, making 16 people) level 3 = 64 People (The 16 will refer 4 each, making 64 people) level 4 = 256 People (The 64 will refer 4 each, making 256 people) Upgrading fee on each level level 1= $1 level 2= $2 level 3= $10 level 4= $50 Your income on each level level 1= $4 level 2= $32 level 3= $640 level 4= $12,800 Note :- Payments are made into members' bank account by members
  8. 8. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 7 3.0 HOW TO REGISTER Follow these steps carefully. Step 1 Click on my referral link below to register Click on Register or Join Now. Fill the above form. Make sure you use gmail account for the registration. And use 23401 for the Postal Code.
  9. 9. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 8 Step 2 Click on Payment Info On the page, fill only the highlighted boxes. In the first box fill in your Bank account details (All in one line. E.G. “GT Bank . 0018027980 Adekunle Emmanuel”) Second box, fill your contact Email Address Third box, fill your Phone Number Please note the following: All the information you fill into these boxes are what your referrals will see when they are about to make payment to you. So, Make sure all info are accurate. Your email address and phone number are the means through which your downlines will contact you after making payment and request for you to confirm them.
  10. 10. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 9 Step 3 Click on Purchase AdPack(s) Go to Position, select 4x4 $1 Position for $1.00 (Don’t select any other) Then click on Purchase Click on the Pending Payment link as shown in the image below
  11. 11. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 10 Step 4 On the Pending Payment page, You will see the bank account details of your Sponsor and his/her contact details. Write out this details before submitting, because once you submit, you can’t get the details. Best practice is to make payment before clicking the submit button. Transfer N400 (level 1) into the person’s account and click on Submit Details Then, contact him/her. He/she will confirm the receipt of the N400 and then confirm your account. NOTE: If you are the upline or sponsor that received the payment. On this same page (Pending Payment) Under Payments Received/Payments to Receive. Click on Approve Payment to confirm your downlines
  12. 12. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 11 Step 5 After your Sponsor/Upline’s confirmation. You get an email welcoming you to the system. Finally, log into your account, Click on My Referral Link Start Promoting the link
  13. 13. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 12 4.0 HOW TO UPGRADE FROM ONE LEVEL TO ANOTHER After you’ve completed the required number of referrals in each level, you have to upgrade to the next level. That is, after you’ve 4 paid downlines in level 1, you can upgrade to level 2. After 16 downlines have paid you at level two, you upgrade to level 3. After 64 downlines paid, you upgrade to level 4. At level 4 simply wait for 256 to pay you. To upgrade, click on Purchase AdPack(s), For level 2 select: 4x4 $2 Position for $2.00 pay N800 For level 3 select: 4x4 $10 Position for $10.00 pay N4000 For level 4 select: 4x4 $50 Position for $50.00 payN20,000 To confirm how many people have paid you and their approval status, click on Approved Payments. Here you will see the list of all that have paid you and gotten approval. NOTE: Don’t upgrade when all the required number of downlines has not paid to you. Contact them via phone/email if they are delaying your payment. If they refuse to pay, the system will delete them with 3 days or just deny their request. The system will allot another downline to you.
  14. 14. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 13 5.0 HOW TO GET TO THE FOURTH LEVEL IN 3 MONTHS I’ve created a proven system that helps you turn your N400 into over N5 million in 3 months. This system is based on the structure of RIIAB Feeder Matrix. That is, we will leverage on the Spillunder and Spillover features of the system. There are two levels to this system. Level 1 At this level, you’ve to get 4 people that will register under you. Please note, these people must be those you can trust to promote the system. OR If you can’t get 4 get at least 2. Open your phone contact, and carefully scroll through it. I assure you, you’ll get at least you friends you can convince to join the system. The most important action here is to get at least 2 strong direct downlines to promote their own links Level 2 Do you know that you can singlehandedly get yourself to N5,000,000? To do this, you need 340 person out of the millions of people in Nigeria. Meanwhile, combined with the level 1 actions you will need an average of 100 persons. After you register and have confirmed your payment, you can request for an editable format (Microsoft Word) of this ebook. You’ve the permission to change only the link to your own referral link. Convert the this document to pdf. Post it on all Nigerian investment platforms. And all other online websites. Share it across all you social media platform, even on whatsapp groups. The most important action here is to get the ebook to go viral.
  15. 15. (RIIABFeederMatrix) 14 For Questions or inquiries Contact sylvester; Email: Phone number: 07063076507 You can also, join our whatsapp group to meet people who are already making money through the system Thanks Emmanuel Adekunle