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Meetup Angular.JS #12 Paris


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Build Realtime Search with Algolia + Angular.JS

Published in: Technology, Education
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Meetup Angular.JS #12 Paris

  1. 1. Build  Real*me  Search     Sylvain  Utard   Meetup  Angular.JS  #12  –  June  2014  
  2. 2.   We  are  a  Search  API  provider     Processing  2B  opera/ons  per  month,  +30  servers         Backend  in  C++,  Analy*cs  in  Java,  Website  in  Rails       12  API  clients  (ruby,  python,  PHP,  java,  go  …)       We  support  &  contribute  to  open-­‐source  projects  
  3. 3. Real*me  Search     Average  query  processing  *me:  <10ms     Mul*-­‐datacenter  (EU,  US,  ASIA)     CORS  (or  JSONP)  compliant  REST  API  (JavaScript)     Overall  end-­‐user  latency:  <100ms  (real*me)    
  4. 4. Angular.JS  +  Algolia  =  <3   CODE
  5. 5. @sylvainutard  -­‐  @algolia   hZp://­‐search   Ques*ons?