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Being an agile company in an agile country


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Introduction given at Pwc-PMI event on 18 sept. 2017: there is much more than agile in the ongoing management paradigm shift.

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Being an agile company in an agile country

  1. 1. Being an agile company in an agile country PMI-PwC event – 18 September 2017
  2. 2. Luxembourg, an agile country « […] le Luxembourg, pays très agile, peut se transformer plus rapidement que d’autres. » Nasir Zubairi (LHoFT)
  3. 3. What’s going on?  Our companies must learn how to adapt faster Explore Exploit VUCA world Corp. & staff expectations
  4. 4. A radical Management paradigm shift! Teal organizations Sociocracy Management 3.0 Beyond budgeting Lean accounting Lean Change Management Agile DevOps No Estimate Lean Startup Design Thinking Business Model Generation Customer Development
  5. 5. Common principles & new capabilities to develop at 3 levels Organization Team Individual • Evolutionary purpose • Servant Leadership • Lean • Self-organization • Transparency • Collaboration • Versatility • Customer obsession • Trust
  6. 6. An Agile Transformation journey MASTERYExpert Novice Local GlobalSCOPE Agile pilots (most often in IT) Agile Enterprise Transformation chasm Failed to scale (isolated agile experts) Failed to learn (agile fragile playground)
  7. 7. This is our responsibility to lead the transformation  Purpose  Objectives  Adaptive action plan (sense & respond) Agile is just 1 aspect of the change in progress
  8. 8. Join the movement! Local community groups