Horse riding lesson plans


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Horse riding lesson plans

  1. 1. Horse Riding Lessons Sylina Levy Instructor 2010
  2. 2. Review of Horse and Barn Safety Grooming and Horse Equipment • Leaving grooming equipment on the ground (make sure they are out of the way and don’t present a hazard) • Lead ropes and halters • How to hold a rope or lead • Tidying up (saddles, bridles, saddle pads, grooming equipment) Barn Safety • Pitch forks, rakes, brooms need to be safely put away • Ropes, bridles, halters • Water hose • Grooming Equipment Feeding • All feeding of horses should be done with an aide or adult
  3. 3. Basic Horse and Barn Safety Sample Lesson Plan • Look at your surroundings/paddock/ground/look around • Fight/flight / nervous tension / pressure / predator/prey • Approaching your horse/ 45 degree angle • Using your voice/speaking / let them know your coming • About your horses ears • Where to stand / shoulder / legs / horses back-end • Normal Voice / speaking to your horse • Horse’s feet • Horse’s back-end / + 12 better 15 feet away • Safety equipment (helmet ASTM/SEI approved, paddock or riding boots, no loose clothing, riding gloves, pants, no hiking boots, no sandels, no open toe shoes.)
  4. 4. Working with your Horse: Safety Sample Lesson Plan • use your voice / let your horse know what you are going to do – (run your hand down his leg and ask him to pick up his foot) – (brush the neck and gently tell him you are moving to his face) • squat don’t kneel • never crawl under your horse or put your hands on the ground • never feed a horse with your hands, use a bucket • stay with a tied horse • know your horses temperament • never tease a horse • near side and off-side • wearing your helmet • Paddock Safety and Stall Safety • Pick up after yourself (grooming equipment, equipment,.....) •
  5. 5. Riding in the Ring sample lesson plan Lesson 1: Mounting / Dismounting / Basic Seat / Halt / Walk • holding the reins (two hands until experienced) • body alignment / breathing • no chewing gum / placement of the riders tongue / • basic seat (at a halt): alignment head/shoulders/hip/ankle/sits- bones/ back/neck/arms/shoulder joints/elbow joints/ knees / chest • the invisible track • 4 points of contact • basic aids • “prepare to ….” • Halt and Walk / basic transition • Important term: shortening the reins
  6. 6. Riding in the Ring sample lesson plan Lesson 4: Emergency Stop/Emergency Dismount/Warm- up/Cool-down • warm-up exercises for horse and rider • review of invisible track (ground work) • review of basic seat / point of contact / aids • review of emergency situations (ground work) • practice (if the student wants to) emergency dismount • practice emergency stop/turn • importance of voice/whoa • figures: circle, diagonal, right and left rein • cool down