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Social Media and Citizen Journalism


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New Age Media and the Citizen Journalism...

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Social Media and Citizen Journalism

  1. 1. New Age Media…That we call Social Media
  2. 2. New Age Media Citizen Journalism Generation “C”C = Connectivity/Connectedness/Consumerism
  3. 3. Social Media…• “Social media includes web- and mobile-based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities, and individuals.” ~ Wiki• Media (Content) with a Social factor (anyone can join).Today, Social Media is more than just communication.• It’s more about relationships.• The medium depicting our regular daily lives.• Connectivity at an exploitable level of capitalism.• Blurring the line between Actual & Virtual world.
  4. 4. Social Media…• Whether its Connectivity, Communication, Education & Learning, Social Media has brought a revolution. And importantly ,the effects cannot be undone. (Solis)• Social Media > Social Economy > Connected Consumerism• Social Media is great, but NOT a rocket science that could make your business fly. It needs time, devotion and most importantly a strategic planning.
  5. 5. On Social Media
  6. 6. The growth of 2 SM giants In India
  7. 7. Facebook In India in last 3 months Source: SocialBakers
  8. 8. SM in Lead Generation
  9. 9. The types of SM• There’re 3 Basic Types of Social Media:• 1. Publish, 2. Share and 3. Network• The line between these 3 types is no more as distinct as it was earlier. Some of the platforms rigorously fall under 2 or even all the 3 categories with the increased complexity of their structure over time.
  10. 10. The types of SM• Publishing platforms: The platforms that enable everyone to publish anything.• Sharing one: Promote anything to anyone.• Networking: Connect with anyone.• (Publish it, Share it, Connect on …. But Responsibly)
  11. 11. Types of Journalists on SM• 3 groups of Journalists on Social Media:1. Getting a Grip:2. Utilizing Fully:3. Professional Only:• Remember, SM is not a rocket science marketing equipment, rather a social tool with connected consumerism.
  12. 12. What tools to use?• Facebook, G+,• Twitter,• Linkedin groups,• Flickr,• Pinterest,• Tumblr, Blogger, Wordpress
  13. 13. Tools to Use…• General/Friends: Facebook, G+• Professional: Linkedin, Twitter,• For photo related your work: Flickr (showcase), Pinterest (wider spread), Slideshare• Take Away 1: Stress on the interconnectivity and relationship overlapping on these platforms.• Take Away 2: Have a Blog for your ITEMS.
  14. 14. A Project by SMCAssam
  15. 15. Thank You• On Twitter @SyedMRaza• FB••