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10 Best Looking Drupal Commerce Sites


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It is important that your website is engaging, flexible and attractive. Follow this article and check out the best Drupal commerce sites.

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10 Best Looking Drupal Commerce Sites

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  2. 2. Introduction: Design and responsiveness are the essential aspects of a website, especially an ecommerce store. Both these aspects are dependent on the content management system, the theme, and related elements. If you’re planning to run an ecommerce store with Drupal Commerce, you’re already on your way to success. Drupal is a powerful content management system that ensures responsiveness and flexibility of the online store. The only thing you need now is some inspiration and ideas that would help you create an attractive store. Here’s a list of some of the top ecommerce stores built on Drupal Commerce:
  3. 3. Olsson & Gerthel Olsson & Gerthel is a Swedish furniture store that features well-known designers on their Drupal Commerce site. The ecommerce store features bold, high-res pictures that add to the attractiveness of the overall design. The website stands out because of its very usable side panel and easy navigation.
  4. 4. Lush Lush presents a clean amazing website featuring attractive colors and fonts. The great design of the website is complemented by a host of features including a single page checkout with dynamic delivery options.
  5. 5. Mykea Mykea offers custom Ikea furniture with amazing designs. Just like the company’s design, the website has a beautiful yet functional design. The beautifully designed website is simple, featuring different designs and easy steps that take care of the customers’ experience through the process of browsing and order placement.
  6. 6. TheSchoolRun TheSchoolRun is a website for parents and features a wide range of learning material for primary school level. Utilizing Drupal as a content management system, the website makes the most of Drupal Commerce’s power as a versatile ecommerce solution. The website offers flexibility and has a lot of properly categorized information for parents.
  7. 7. Muzeo Muzeo specializes in the reproduction of works of art. The attractive website displays art in vivid detail, illustrating the Muzeo’s work with images and prints. The website has an engaging design, successfully utilizing the full range of the Drupal Ecommerce features.
  8. 8. Fooda Fooda is America’s premier provider of food and other services for groups. The simple website uses Drupal Commerce for a clean layout and clean navigation.
  9. 9. Pam Kerr Designs Pam Kerr Designs is New Zealand’s leading jewelry designer. The website is built with Drupal Commerce to meet the growing B2B needs. The website has a simple layout and clean design, resulting in a smooth user experience.
  10. 10. Cartier Cartier website showcases jewels, watches and fashion accessories. Just like the brand itself, the Cartier website has an elegant design with subtle attractiveness. The online store offers the complete range of Cartier’s products in the brand’s very recognizable style.
  11. 11. Thin King Card Cases Thin King sells unique design card cases. Thin King´s website presents a modern design that displays the full range of the Drupal Commerce’s design prowess. The ecommerce website has a clean layout featuring its collection of card cases in a very simplistic manner.
  12. 12. Openbot Openbot, an open source project, has a highly responsive and interactive website. The ecommerce store has a clean layout with easy navigation and intuitive design. Openbot uses a simple color scheme to make the Drupal Commerce powered store attractive and simple-to-navigate.
  13. 13. Conclusion The combination of Drupal and the power of Drupal Commerce results in a very usable and stable online store. With an attractive and clean design, you can create an engaging user experience and boost sales and improve conversions. If you’d like to decide on a theme that best suits the needs of your ecommerce store, check out my previous article on top Drupal Commerce free and premium themes.
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