In the name of allah the most beneficial


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pakistan energy crisis

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In the name of allah the most beneficial

  1. 1. Syed Yusra Ayub
  2. 2.  Introduction Objectives Energy resource of Pakistan Cause of energy crisis Recommendation Conclusion
  3. 3.  An energy crisis is any great short fall in the supply of energy to any economy. Energy crisis refer to the shortage of oil, electricity or any other natural resources. Energy crisis in Pakistan was expected and it is started in year 2007.
  4. 4.  Why Pakistan facing such crisis? What are reason behind it? Why Pakistan is not utilizing it? Why Pakistan is importing coal if it has already a large amount of coal? Why half of population of Pakistan has no access to electricity?
  5. 5.  Industrial Agriculture sector Domestic use of citizen
  6. 6. Energy type Potential SourceCrude oil 339 barrels recoverable Pak ECO survey 2007-08 reserves.Natural gas 31,266 trillion cubic feet Pak ECO survey 2007-08 recoverable reserves.Coal 185 billion tonnes Pak ECO survey 2007-08 recoverable reserves.Nuclear power 425 mw World nuclear association 2008Hydro energy 46,0000 mw identified Govt of pakistan 2005 potential
  7. 7.  At present energy is generated by only three modes. Thermal energy 65 % Hydel 33% Nuclear 2%
  8. 8.  Two electricity companies that produce in Pakistan. WAPDA KESC
  9. 9.  Total power production capacity in country is 19,500MW. Country is falling short of 45,00MW. The demand of electricity is growing at the annual rate of 9%, while supply of electricity is at comparatively slower rate of 7%.
  10. 10.  According to survey: Household 44.2% Industries 31.1% Agriculture 14.3% Government sector 7.4% Commercial 5.5% Street light 0.7%
  11. 11.  Aging of the equipment High cost of fuel Unuse of coal Wastage of energy Unproductive efforts
  12. 12.  Energy crisis badly effect Education. Great effect on industries. Effect on economy. Higher electricity prizes. Effect on agriculture. Unemployment increased
  13. 13. Short term plans: Continuous updating of equipment. Conservation of energy resources. Reactivate the closed power stations. Explorations of more oil, gas and coal reserves. Increase the number of IPPS (independent power producers)
  14. 14. Transformation of existing system to renewable energyresources.•Developing and installing biogas, solar, wind and microhydro based projects in villages.
  15. 15.  Developing and installing coal based powerhouses Initiate agreements for mega projects with the energy extensive countries for sustainable energy resources Exploration of more oil, gas and coal reserves Provide incentive for up gradation and training to the engineers for new technology
  16. 16.  Pakistan is blessed and rich in resources. Government of Pakistan should take step. Energy production from coal must be initiated. Government also should take step to utilize the coal reserves though it will give us energy for next 25 years.
  17. 17.  Policies should be implemented now. Policiesshould not change with the change in government. Pakistan has the resources to meet its growing energy requirements.
  18. 18.  ectricity.jpg crisis-in-pakistan crisis-of-pakistan-short
  19. 19. THANK YOU