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Managing without managers term article presentation-final


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Managing without managers term article presentation-final

  1. 1. Article by: Ricardo Semler Presented by: Raveel Hameed Reg# 3854
  2. 2. SEMCO is one of Brazil’s fastest growing companies... Named Best company in Brazil to work for...Three Values:6.Democracy7. profit sharing8.Transparency or Information sharing
  3. 3. Democracy and Employee Involvement
  4. 4. Organizational Pyramids
  5. 5. Semco designed an organizationalcircle to replace the organizationalpyramid.Contains 3 concentric circles First-Counselors Second-Partners Associates and Coordinators
  6. 6. Switched because of their view on organizationalpyramidsPyramids emphasize power whereas the circlepromotes employee involvementSome decisions made by company-wide votes Example: Purchase of new factory
  7. 7. If you don’t appoint a leader, onewill emergeRoles FIND the personResults not status
  8. 8. Semco’s Second Value Profit Sharing Corporate profit sharing is today’s mammoth meat Most successful when there is a broad program of employee participation
  9. 9.  Semco is a company with a unique system Employee’s are “treated as adults” Semco’s Three Core Values  Democracy, Profit-sharing, information