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Science accommodation paper

  1. 1. Hutchinson 1Sydni HutchinsonChris FriendENC 1101October 24, 2011 Science Accommodation Working Title1. Introduction Most first time college students could probably tell the difference between anentertainment magazine and a “New York Times” article. It is simple just by the tone the authorsets in the first paragraph, or sometimes if it is accompanied by pictures. However, my question is, how simple is it for a student to be able to analyze thedifference between two articles on the same subject, just from different sources? The purpose ofthis research paper is to help students understand the differences between science reports andpopular media accommodations of said research.2. Claims and Significance Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi non sapien eu nisi sagittisvolutpat eu ac ligula. Nunc nunc neque, consequat eu pellentesque at, pulvinar bibendum lacus.Praesent tempus egestas turpis at rhoncus. Curabitur mollis sagittis faucibus. Morbi eget elit sedante consequat placerat. Integer ornare congue tortor quis posuere. Duis accumsan, orci ineleifend ornare, libero tortor auctor diam, tincidunt lobortis ligula erat sed nulla. Suspendissepotenti. Cras eget porta est. Donec eget metus tellus. Suspendisse quis erat sit amet enimhendrerit consequat. Mauris dapibus condimentum lorem at posuere. Nullam posuere arcu egetquam rhoncus tristique. Suspendisse eu ipsum elit, ut elementum nibh.
  2. 2. Hutchinson 23. Sources and Authority Maecenas urna velit, blandit a hendrerit non, auctor in nunc. Nullam ut justo ligula, egetaliquam nulla. Donec quis nisl lectus. Phasellus justo velit, iaculis vel convallis vel, pellentesquenon nisi. In blandit mi a risus posuere sit amet tristique orci dignissim. Morbi massa mi, pulvinarnon rutrum non, euismod id sem. Pellentesque ultrices metus a dolor sollicitudin ut hendreritnibh posuere. Ut a neque quis ante vulputate pretium sit amet ac justo.4. Lexis and Tone Integer fermentum iaculis augue in blandit. Suspendisse eleifend posuere suscipit. Inconvallis est et ante rhoncus ut vehicula tellus tempus. Nulla suscipit justo a nisl euismod velsemper enim malesuada. Sed porttitor turpis ac diam fringilla tristique. Nam cursus auctor liberoat blandit. Donec a lorem at nunc bibendum aliquam vitae in quam. In hac habitasse plateadictumst. Quisque pharetra porta venenatis.5. Values Maecenas eget nisi ac velit tristique elementum et ac nunc. Sed dolor diam, faucibus acscelerisque vitae, pulvinar ac dui. Mauris molestie ultrices dignissim. Nulla cursus bibendumconsectetur. Integer non fringilla lacus. Maecenas lorem ipsum, accumsan a pellentesque ac,pulvinar sed libero. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer ante ligula,sodales mattis porttitor a, adipiscing dignissim erat. Proin leo justo, aliquam eget placerat eget,scelerisque id sem. Proin ac risus sit amet massa facilisis laoreet eget nec ligula. Nam at estdiam, non porttitor metus. Duis sit amet euismod justo. Donec nibh sapien, lacinia vel imperdieteu, pellentesque quis orci.
  3. 3. Hutchinson 36. Conclusion Vivamus iaculis tristique ante, nec molestie arcu scelerisque eget. Proin hendrerit ultriceslorem, eget placerat nibh mollis ut. Donec tempor, turpis vel sodales placerat, metus enim luctusturpis, eu faucibus tellus mi at nulla. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus etmalesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Nunc cursus dictum luctus. Proin faucibus molestie metus sedsodales. Integer tempus orci sed nisl lacinia semper. Donec ullamcorper lorem at massavestibulum aliquet. Etiam dictum nibh congue odio egestas ullamcorper. Pellentesque non nullanunc. Mauris id tortor a nibh ornare vulputate eu quis dolor. Aenean tincidunt vehicula iaculis.Vivamus sit amet ullamcorper felis. Nulla nec lacinia massa.
  4. 4. Hutchinson 4 Works CitedReplace this text with any citations you need to include. Suggestion for simplicity: Check out your WAW textbook. Directly below the author’s photo should be a citation in complete and proper MLA format. (Note: You may wish to disable Word’s automatic hyperlink detection to prevent it from underlining URLs you type. Check the “AutoCorrect…” option on the Tools menu to change that setting.)