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Media plan


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Media plan

  1. 1. ∗Tradition media ∗New media
  2. 2. Aim: let people notice about the event and the activities, get people involved, as a Christmas decoration for the office to create a happy and warm working environment. Color tone: Red and white (Passionate, warm, happy ) Slogan: “Santa Clause is coming to town! Make a wish, let dream come true on the Christmas.” Activities: lucky draw staffs can sign up online, write down their wish on a Coke “Bottle”, than it will be collected by the “Santa Clause”. At the night of the Christmas party, 30 wishes will be drawn. And the company will help them to make dream come true. Tradition media: Poster and newsletters
  3. 3. Sample Poster
  4. 4. Game : Open happiness * All of the employees in Coca cola company can participate, and this game aims to fulfill some lucky employees’ wishes. Procedures: Write down your wish and story, and sign up on website 30 pieces of wishes will be randomly pick out. 30 wishes will be inserted into 30 bottles of coca cola. 30 bottles will be hang on the Xmas trees. Invite the chairman and directors to strike on the bottles Read the lucky dog’s name and his /her wish Fulfill their wishes P.S: The wishes must be reasonable and realistic, the wishes will be check out whether they reasonable or not. The wish cant relate to any promote in company. The bottles is specially made by argil.
  5. 5. ∗ In order to perform this game, every employee have to sign up on the company website and send your wish. ∗ The wishes should be reasonable and realistic, and the wishes can not relate to promotion! Moreover, there is a budget for each wish, that is 500 US dollars! ∗ ∗ Every employee can tell a story why you want to fulfill this wish. ∗ Then, we will randomly pick out 30 employees to fulfill their wishes! ∗ After the Christmas party, we will inform those 30 lucky employees, and arrange the branch company to prepare their wishes and then send it to their homes! ∗ E.g.: Tom’s wish is to have a new laptop, and he followed all this steps to sign up. Luckily, he was randomly chosen by us, then his new laptop will be send to his home !!! Details about the game
  6. 6. ∗ It’s a good way to increase the publicity of the event, either attracting media attention or getting more other employees involved. E.g. Stories of individual employee can be report on the coke’s website (Facebook group, twitter, inter- company websites) and YouTube, etc. A employee hope to fulfill his daughters’ wish to go to Disneyland. ∗ Get employees involved with this party. Everyone has their own wishes, and everyone have the chance to make it come true. Anticipation of the Game
  7. 7. ∗ The one who win the game will donate a charity in Atlanta for certain amount of money on his own name. (Money will be given by Coca-Cola) ∗ Stunt for the party ∗ Good for personal reputation so people would motivated to engage the game ∗ Easy to know the people who donated the money is a headquarter of Coca-Cola >one way to promote Coca-Cola ∗ Game: Pile up cans of Coca-Cola in 10min , who get the highest one who win. Pile up Happiness (Donation)
  8. 8. • use the Coca Cola Conversation (a blog that shares information on a wide variety of topics, ranging from Coca Cola role in history to Coke collectibles. )to report the preparation and follow-up news related to the Christmas party, let the staffs (as well as the public) to know what is going on. • Emails will be sent on daily basis to remind the staffs about the event and the latest news stories. Using continued stories to attract employees’ attention towards the event. New media as an Internal Communication
  9. 9. The Coca Cola Conversation
  10. 10. What we can offer to the public? --case study
  11. 11. ∗ To celebrate the Millionth Guest of the World of Coca- Cola, special event was held. ∗ Celebrations including a shower of balloon, special greeting by Coca-Cola Polar Bear, etc. ∗ This has been reported by media, therefore rise the publicity. case study : the Millionth Guest Event
  12. 12. Increase Publicity
  13. 13. • On the day of the party, special celebration can be held to attract public and media attention. • E.g. The 12th ,25th ,120th , 250th guests of that day can have special gifts and attend the Christmas party as VIP. Ambassador will guide them to visit the World of Coca-Cola, let public know more about the Coca-Cola. • Attract Media Attention Inspiration
  14. 14. • Here Comes Santa Claus • Up on the Housetop • Deck the Halls • I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus • Jingle Bell Rock • Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer • Jingle Bells • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer • Santa Claus is Coming to Town • The Twelve Days of Christmas • We Wish you a Merry Christmas • Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Music in the party (Traditional Christmas songs)
  15. 15. New Campaign Song