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Flipbook for FILM240.

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Social Media has a Huge Impact on Branding
  2. 2. “Branding is fundamental. Branding is basic. Branding is essential. Building brands builds incredible value for companies and corporations3.” Photosource:  Business  Man,  Marcelo  Justo    
  3. 3.     Branding allows products/services to stand out With so many advertisements present in our every day lives, an information abundance creates lack of attention5 Photosource:  Odd  One  Out,  Brian  J  Kelly    
  4. 4. Love Marks   A brand, product, or service that is irreplaceable, emotional attachment, loyalty beyond reason6   Photosource:  Wedding,  Elena  Jursina    
  5. 5. We use brands for self expression6 Photosource:  fashionable  woman,  MaD  Dunn    
  6. 6. What is the Impact of Social Media? Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics  
  7. 7. “Social media [allows] your company to leapfrog traditional media and forge relationships directly with customers. If you [tell] them great stories and [connect] with them in real time, your brand [will] become a hub for a community of users4” Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics  
  8. 8. “As social media shows us several million times a day, we’re much more likely to be pulled towards what our friends like than we are to respond to a an old-fashioned commercial push. So brands need to create content that’s worth sharing in its own right9” Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics  
  9. 9. Companies that blogged 20 or more times in a month saw the most return in traffic and leads7 Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics  
  10. 10. 6000 tweets per second8 Photosource:  TwiDer,  ScoD  Beale  
  11. 11. 80 million Instagram photos uploaded per day8   Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics  
  12. 12. Adds 500,000 new users every day8 Photosource:  Facebook,  Zsoolt  
  13. 13. Social listening6 is becoming increasingly important Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics  
  14. 14. 78% of people who complain to a brand on twitter expect a response within an hour8 Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics  
  15. 15. Brands must have…           Social readiness – The act of being prepared and ready on social media in case of a communications crisis on social media6 Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics  
  16. 16. “The results of this study show that advantageous campaigns on social media are the most significant drivers of brand loyalty followed by relevancy of the content, popularity of the content among friends, and appearing on different social media platforms and providing applications2” Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics  
  17. 17. “Social media communications strongly influence brand image. Firm-created social media communication is shown to have an important impact on functional brand image…1” Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics  
  18. 18. But who is in charge of a companies social media? Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics  
  19. 19. The public relations team Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics  
  20. 20. PR needs to focus on6 – brand charisma – creating a communications strategy – event planning – crisis management – social listening Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics  
  21. 21. References(1)  Bruhn,  M.,  Schoenmueller,  V.,  &  Schäfer,  D.   B.  (2012).  Are  social  media  replacing   tradiRonal  media  in  terms  of  brand  equity   creaRon?.  Management  Research   Review,  35(9),  770-­‐790.       (2)  Erdoğmuş,  İ.  E.,  &  Cicek,  M.  (2012).  The   impact  of  social  media  markeRng  on  brand   loyalty.  Procedia-­‐Social  and  Behavioral   Sciences,  58,  1353-­‐1360.       (3)  Goodson,  S.  (2012,  May  30).  Why  Brand   Building  Is  Important.  Retrieved  March  03,   2017,  from  hDps:// tabid/6307/bid/14951/New-­‐MarkeRng-­‐Data-­‐ Shows-­‐More-­‐Content-­‐Means-­‐More-­‐ Leads.aspx#sm. 00015fgi8jp9qdixwxd2hxjj85gcz        (4)  Holt,  D.  (2016,  June  09).  Branding  in  the   Age  of  Social  Media.  Retrieved  March  03,   2017,  from  hDps://­‐ in-­‐the-­‐age-­‐of-­‐social-­‐media       (5)  Matrix,  Sidneyeve.  “Module  1  Lecture  2   Media  Use  and  Research.”  Film  240.   Queen’s  University.  2017.  Web.  January  9   (6)  Matrix,  Sidneyeve.  “Module  2  Lecture  2   Public  RelaRons.”  Film  240.  Queen’s   University.  2017.  Web.  January  31    Self  expression  one  too       (7)  Shea,  P.  (2011,  June  13).  New  MarkeRng   Data  Shows  More  Content  Means  More  Leads.   Retrieved  March  05,  2017,  from  hDps:// 14951/New-­‐MarkeRng-­‐Data-­‐Shows-­‐More-­‐ Content-­‐Means-­‐More-­‐Leads.aspx#sm. 00015fgi8jp9qdixwxd2hxjj85gcz       (8)  Smith,  K.  (2016,  March  07).  96  Amazing   Social  Media  StaRsRcs  and  Facts.  Retrieved   March  03,  2017,  from  hDps://­‐amazing-­‐ social-­‐media-­‐staRsRcs-­‐and-­‐facts-­‐for-­‐2016/       (9)  Toole,  C.  (2015).  Brands  as  publishers:   inside  the  content  markeRng  trend.  Retrieved   March  02,  2017,  from  hDp://­‐as-­‐ publishers-­‐inside-­‐the-­‐content-­‐markeRng-­‐trend       Photosource:  Kaboom  Pics