Welcome Presentation 2014 California STEM Summit


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2014 California STEM Summit

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Welcome Presentation 2014 California STEM Summit

  1. 1. Thank You to our Generous Sponsors
  2. 2. •Critical Thinking •Problem-Solving •Creativity •Careers •Community •Global
  3. 3. Being STEM-capable strengthens one’s ability to succeed in an innovation-based economy and society 11
  4. 4. STEM Education Policy Agenda for California • Quality STEM Learning Experiences • Great STEM Educators • Innovative STEM Networks
  5. 5. Quality STEM Learning Experiences California’s new subject matter standards and school accountability systems must be designed and implemented in ways that: • support more effective STEM teaching and learning in school • align with college and career-readiness expectations • include strong linkages to informal and work-based STEM educational experiences.
  6. 6. Great STEM Educators California’s teacher preparation programs, credentialing policies and professional learning practices must be redesigned to attract, prepare and retain more educators who are ready and well-supported to deliver rigorous and engaging STEM education.
  7. 7. Innovative STEM Networks • We must build robust cross-sector partnerships at the state and regional levels to increase efficiency, speed innovation and ensure sustainability of high-quality STEM education programs and practices. • Sustainable Resources for STEM Networks • Alignment of Educational & Economic Development Investments
  8. 8. Thank You to our Generous Sponsors
  9. 9. Thank You to our Generous Funders