CCSTEM: Connecting Classrooms, Colleges, and Communities


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2014 California STEM Summit

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CCSTEM: Connecting Classrooms, Colleges, and Communities

  1. 1. CCSTEM OVERVIEW Mission Central Coast STEM Collaborative is a network of families, educators, business professionals, and other community stakeholders invested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and achievement. We are committed to enhancing and promoting STEM learning and developing career readiness by fostering the collective impact of local, state, and national affiliates. Vision An educated society collaboratively engaged in an innovative culture of STEM learning in which people of all backgrounds productively contribute to our sustainable future. Current Work •  •  •  •  Enhancing Community Involvement in STEM Education Facilitating and Sponsoring STEM Community Events Providing Online STEM Opportunity Clearinghouse Asset Mapping to Workforce Development Needs
  2. 2. 3 ACTIVE EFFORTS TO GROW PARTNERSHIPS IN SAN LUIS OBISPO & SANTA BARBARA COUNTIES Partners in Education Science after Dark Engineering Activities
  3. 3. 84,000 hours served 5,700 unduplicated volunteers 120 schools or nonprofits 1,900 teacher requests (Aug 2008 – June 2013) SANTA BARBARA COUNTY EDUCATION OFFICE
  4. 4. Volunteer Coordination Program Partners in Education Program Coordinator 17,500 hours 1,500 volunteers 530 requests 58 sites •  Goleta •  Santa Barbara •  Carpinteria North County Volunteer Corps Program Coordinator 6,100 hours 600 volunteers 180 requests 11 sites •  Lompoc •  Buellton •  Santa Ynez Program Coordinator 6,200 hours 440 volunteers 150 requests 31 sites •  Santa Maria •  Guadalupe •  Orcutt
  5. 5. OUR GOALS 1.  Positive adult connections 2.  Connecting student with careers involvement §  Awareness (Elementary) §  Exploration (Middle/Junior) §  Development (High School) 3.  Engaged and educated community members who can advocate for education and understand the challenges facing local schools and students SANTA BARBARA COUNTY EDUCATION OFFICE
  6. 6. 7 STEPS TO SUCCESS 1.  Teacher request received. 2.  Volunteer recruited. 3.  Volunteer screened, trained and/or oriented. 4.  Schedule finalized with volunteer and teacher. 5.  Volunteer Passport emailed. 6.  Feedback obtained from volunteer and teacher. 7.  Recognition of volunteer. SANTA BARBARA COUNTY EDUCATION OFFICE
  7. 7. For Volunteer For School
  8. 8. CAREER DAYS & GUEST SPEAKERS “My students are ages 15 to 16 and have little to no work experience. Thanks to the variety of guest speakers… they are gaining in-depth insight into careers they have only dreamed about.” Sean Donnell Teacher San Marcos High School Tom Hilzer IT Manager Cancer Center of Santa Barbara SANTA BARBARA COUNTY EDUCATION OFFICE
  9. 9. ONLINE GUEST SPEAKER TRAINING •  Emailed to each new guest speaker •  20 minutes to complete •  Sample presentations, tips & ground rules •  Concludes with a quiz SANTA BARBARA COUNTY EDUCATION OFFICE
  10. 10. MOCK JOB & INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS “Teachers and career counselors have worked with the students on an amazing array of skills that will help enhance their chances of being hired. Maintaining good eye contact, and presenting with a firm handshake open the ‘mock’ interview. Most of the young men wore ties, and the young ladies were dressed for success.” Loretta Redd Santa Barbara View SANTA BARBARA COUNTY EDUCATION OFFICE
  13. 13. TUTORS & MENTORS
  14. 14. "We can all breathe a little better for our future with such incredible young people ready to go out into the work field. Thanks again for renewing my faith in the future.” CREATE ADVOCATES SANTA BARBARA COUNTY EDUCATION OFFICE
  15. 15. & NCVC sets up dedicated CC STEM North Sign-Up page CC STEM North sends link/creates referral button NCVC provides outreach information/staff assistance to CC STEM NCVC pushes out information to teachers to encourage more STEM-related requests NCVC classifies STEM activities for easy searches on “current needs” page NCVC provides reports to CC STEM about engagement in Santa Maria schools NCVC & CC STEM explore options to fund Santa Maria efforts together SANTA BARBARA COUNTY EDUCATION OFFICE
  16. 16. March:  “The  History  of  Fossil  Fuel  Beer”   made  with  yeast  grown  from  spores   extracted  from  45  million  year  old  amber.     April:  “MILK,  everything  you  wanted  to  know   but  were  afraid  to  ask.”  AHendees  enjoyed  Cal   Poly  cheese  and  liquid  nitrogen  ice  cream.   May:  “Limbless  RepNles  ‘Reach  Out’  Through   Research.”  PresentaNon  on  boa  constrictors   featured  live  peRng  zoo!   June:  “Death  Star,”  project  known  as  DE-­‐STAR  is  a   massive  phased  array  of  lasers  to  destroy,  deflect,   or  evaporate  asteroids  using  current  technology.  
  17. 17. Future of Forensic Science and DNA Sequencing Luis Wine Bar San Luis Obispo
  18. 18. Saving the Nine Muses The Science of Art Restoration 3rd Century Marble Sarcophagus At Hearst Castle
  19. 19. Building the Future
  20. 20. Arroyo Grande High School Eagle Robotics FIRST Team #1388
  21. 21. Balloon Fest is a Regional Interscholastic STEM Event Teachers and teams of 3 to 6 students are invited to launch helium-filled, tethered balloons with student-designed instrumentation in order to measure different characteristics of our atmosphere, or to test alternative engineering designs. After weeks of preparation, at an exciting all-day event, students will gather data, analyze it, and present their findings to peers, parents, and professionals. Enthusiastic adult mentors, judges, and event volunteers provide encouragement and active support for these student teams. Level 1 Introductory Levels of Participation Designed for first time experimenters, ES or MS Level 2 Intermediate Advanced Designed for high school STEM students Only for experienced experimenters and special projects
  22. 22. Adult Participation Mentor Team Support Work with a team of great students by email and at the event. Lots of fun for you. Parents or friends of participating students help their team. Judge Event Volunteer Evaluate readiness of team to compete, interview teams at the event, and award prizes Help with refreshments, registration, filling balloons, parking, or directions. If you are not yet ready to participate… Come watch! Bring your family The best time is from 8 to 10am
  24. 24. THE CALL FOR MAKERS IS OPEN The second annual SLO Mini Maker Faire is scheduled for Saturday, May 10, 2014 (11am-3pm) at Mission Plaza. The SLO Mini Maker Faire is a festival that is open to all ages (babies to 100+!) to MAKE, create, learn, invent, craft, recycle, build, think, play and be inspired by celebrating arts, crafts, engineering, food, music, science, and technology. The Call for Makers, Artists, Performers, Scientists, Crafters, and Engineers is open now through Feb 28, 2014. San Luis Obispo Mini Maker Faire is a place for local inventors, artists, scientists, thinkers, storytellers, engineers, and learners to get together and share their passions and ideas. It is a place to inspire the next generation of makers, to entertain and to inform. The SLO Maker Faire is a place for us to MAKE community.
  25. 25. SAN LUIS OBISPO MINI-MAKER FAIRE 2014 New for 2014 §  Increased recruitment of STEAM educators, pre-service teachers, and undergraduate students exploring teaching as a career, as well as K-12 students, as makers and attendees §  Young Makers Division (makers under 18) §  Look for a Teacher-focused MAKE Meet-Up in February Co-produced by the SLOMA, Cal Poly, Central Coast Makerspace@Los Osos Middle School, CCSTEM, iFixit, SLO MakerSpace, Sm(ART) Studio in collaboration with faculty from the Fine Arts Department at Cuesta College and mentors from the Greybots, an Atascadero robotics team.
  26. 26. PROJECT-BASED LEARNING (BECHTEL FUNDING) Designing Engineering Curriculum for Pre-Service Teachers in Preparation for NGSS Cal Poly Collaboration: Features: Goal: Incorporate engineering experiences in undergraduate courses for future teachers Experience Engineering Design Process. Open-ended design challenges in meaningful context . Engineering experiences chosen for application to future elementary classrooms. Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Liberal Studies
  27. 27. PSC 101- MEDICAL MISSION DROP -- FALL 2013
  28. 28. PSC 102: BRICK DESIGN -- WINTER 2014
  29. 29. CONTACT INFORMATION John Keller Cal Poly Center for Excellence in STEM Education (CESAME) Dawn Hinchman Central Coast STEM Collaborative Michelle Magnusson Santa Barbara CEO Volunteer Coordination Program Steve Kliewer Endeavor Academy